Psychic Development

    Psychic Development


    -how to enter the psychic state
    -going beyond your own mind
    -how psychic impressions really work
    -using the different levels of consciousness
    -know the difference between mind & intuition
    -how to access real psychic impressions
    -accessing the space between thoughts
    -how clairvoyant flashes occur in your mind
    -ways to boost your psychic sensitivity
    -easy methods to open your clairvoyant sight
    -why amateurs struggle to get detailed info
    -getting around the blockage of your mind
    -know when a thought is pretending to be spirit
    -maintaining a trance throughout the reading
    -avoiding the trap of self-delusion

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  • PART 1: why amateur readers only access "general" info


    • what it really means to be psychic
    • your tool has no power without you
    • what is a divinatory device?
    • the 2 problems with amateur psychics
    • it’s time to let go of esoteric traditions
    • mechanical readers rely on fate
    • poor mechanics lead to false info
    • rote memory readers deceive all
    • most psychics are trained monkeys
    • only use tools as a point of focus
    • avoid all the wild guessing of teachers
    • design your own framework
    • nobody knows how psychic skills work


    PART 2: important underpinning beliefs and your worldview

    • levels of yourself
    • let’s define some terms
    • can you be unconscious and awake?
    • an ocean of consciousness
    • the spectrum of consciousness
    • the mind is not the brain
    • who is directing your attention?
    • you are more than “you”
    • entering the worlds within you
    • the spirit world is not far away
    • belief systems are key
    • a psychic worldview
    • there no distances, no space
    • you must bridge half the gap
    • ask for the right type of blessing
    • religious assertions can’t help you
    • faith in your self is the important kind

    PART 3:  how to enter the psychic state (your mind is in the way)

    • you are not your thoughts
    • ensure your mind stops talking
    • less of you = more downloading
    • when belief becomes faith
    • hold a state of open sensitivity
    • the 3 ways you obstruct yourself
    • it’s an entirely internal game
    • difference between mind / awareness
    • deliberating is the way to fail
    • intellectual brainwaves are the enemy
    • impressions come effortlessly
    • heart versus mind
    • letting go of self
    • let go of self to become more than self
    • empty your mind
    • mindlessness
    • going around the mind
    • fast mind is a slow spirit
    • psychic power is a non-physical state
    • you are in your own way
    • a message from a spiritual intelligence
    • living in the moment is nonsense
    • let go… to let the information in
    • self has opinions not impressions
    • no intensity of concentration is needed
    • what is mysticism?
    • humility is the only way
    • to “read” – detach from yourself
    • lose yourself and become the client
    • mindfulness is the enemy
    • slow down your mind to speed up
    • hold an expectation of ease
    • the space between thoughts
    • relax before you read for someone
    • time is an illusion
    • get out of your own way
    • tuning into the wavelength
    • trying is counter-productive
    • there’s more than one ingredient
    • entering the psychic state is easy
    • can anyone be psychic?
    • intellectualism is the main blockage
    • the two types of faith
    • self-delusion is what causes false info
    • which type of reading should I use?


    PART 4:  how to maintain the psychic state (your mind will interrupt)

    • the mind cannot be 100% silenced
    • how to busy the mind
    • it’s no harder than watching a movie
    • it’s like an old farm pump
    • the many faces of your enemy
    • it’s all over when you start doubting
    • anxiety kills the flow
    • you can only see what you’re shown
    • why a regular routine is important
    • ego is how you stumble
    • its okay to be wrong
    • be cool with your misses
    • blurting out your impress
    • children are natural psychicsions
    • don’t let your talking slow your state
    • balancing 2 wavelengths
    • it’s like a “dance”
    • if you get ‘stuck’ in a reading
    • speed talking throughout the session
    • nothing succeeds like success

    PART 5:  recognising impressions when they come

    • what is an “impression”
    • impressions are like a daydream
    • each impression comes “whole”
    • accessing real intuitive flashes
    • specific and unusual: can be trusted
    • the courage to say the peculiar
    • real impressions enter from the side
    • never trust thoughts at center stage
    • don’t limit the receptivity scope
    • by ready to receive words or symbols
    • getting caught in ruts and loops
    • your expectations are limits
    • the spiritual world is a different speed
    • you are the turtle, spirit… the hare
    • speed difference of the 2 worlds
    • compassion can mess up objectivity
    • the first impression is the best

    PART 6: some finer aspects worth knowing

    • don’t read for people you know
    • strangers are the easiest to read for
    • how to be psychic for yourself
    • keep a journal to remember your ‘hits’
    • voice cannot be faked for long
    • who is the best psychic?
    • who is a “master” psychic?
    • money is beautiful
    • young psychics vs. the mature
    • reading about techniques won’t work
    • dumb people can be great psychics
    • what info do you need to tune in?
    • why do some great psychics use cards?
    • telling people what they want to hear
    • R.E.M. when you close your eyes
    • why I’m not telling you my war stories
    • special notes for tarot readers
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    You can talk...

    • of God (philosophers)

    • about God (theologians)

    • with God (mystics)

    When the mystic surrenders to the process completely, there is only God speaking. The mystic is barely even listening. Mysticism is a momentary dissolution of self into the highest intelligence.


    psychic state


    Being psychic is a thoughtless state.

    Trying is thinking.

    Thinking is trying.

    All psychic power is effortless.

    There is no other way.

    Pure faith, no effort, no straining, no concentration, just holding a patient neutrality... waiting to be filled with a download "flash" from beyond the mind.




    From time to time, you'll experience a moment in which you can completely forget a commonly used word for something. While you are trawling your brain trying to remember that correct word, you'll find that trying harder doesn't ever seem to work. Finally, you let go and the right word just seems to pop into your mind a few moments later. Psychic impressions work in a very similar way. Therefore, you should never bother straining. Neither should you ever head directly toward what you want. Let go completely yet still remain open... including open to answers to questions you didn't even ask.



    If you're to be granted any great spiritual gift,

    it will be like a vessel that floats on the sea of humility inside you.

    If that sea of humility ever dries up, even momentarily,

    your gift can no longer go anywhere or do anything.

    What gives the potency to any spiritual gift is that great expanse of humility it rests upon.




    The acquisition of Wisdom is only a discovery of the road, and the wise tend to mill around the entrance, pretending to be intrepid warriors. 


    Only the most undaunted souls among the wise will dare travel down that road for long enough to see where it actually leads. We call them "crazy". It's the mystics, willing to flirt with the madness of leaving their own self behind, who are able to genuinely befriend the gods. 

    It's the mystics who can teach the wise what really lies beyond the ordinary.


    soul vs mind


    The fact that you can redirect your attention at any moment means that you have a soul. You are more than a mind. You can control your own mind. Now who is the controller? That's the real you, a soul. Your mind then is seen as merely a tool, just like your teeth or your hand. Do not worship the mind: see it for what it is, an instrument that must be directed constantly by your spiritual Will. Just as the perspective of your eyes can often mislead, so too can the perspective of your mind mislead. Appreciate the limits of your mind and realize that without strong guidance of your Soul's Will, the mind is really just an autocratic idiot.




    Psychic impressions never come directly from the exact direction at which your mind is looking at the time upon your mental auditorium. The real impressions always come in from the side. The real impressions come streaming suddenly forward as a "batch" from a source well away from your central core focus. Never trust an impression that comes at you front on, directly, especially if it's alone. Your conscious mind talks to you front on, squarely, based on a manual focus. Your unconscious mind talks to you from the side, from the periphery. These impressions come automatically, and their subject matter is often wholly unrelated to the matter you were wishing to focus on. These real impressions rarely come as a long, solitary impression. There will be 2, 3, or even 4 in the same moment, coming from left of stage, or right.




    Only those who have become empty of themselves will graduate.


    the game


    Most strains in life are those that you impose on yourself.




    If you believe that you can talk to God, you can. God's universal computer doesn’t talk in words though, preferring a medium of ‘impression’. An impression is like a word, yet far more richly multi-dimensional. To receive an impression, present something and then note the momentary multi-layered response. God loves to respond but seldom ever initiates. The response itself from the universal computer is never slow or sequential; it will be a single moment that comprises more than 5 simultaneous layered "tints" of the overall impression. This is the process of being 'psychic'.


    beyond self


    You will not find me by looking up.
    You will not reach me by higher thinking.
    You will not see me by closing your eyes.
    You will not discover me by remaining still.
    You may find me only by listening for me,
    Not with ears but with your heart.
    I will not speak if you will not listen,
    And I have answered before you even ask.
    To know me is so simple.
    That is why you may find it so hard.
    I am so close as to be missed.
    For in the moment that you see beyond yourself . . .
    I am there.


    the network


    When you open your physical eyes, the great “distance” between different human minds seems substantial. However, after closing your eyes, during that relaxed state of mind just before sleep, the distance between minds reduces to zero.


    As your conscious mind slows down, your subconscious mind speeds up enough to:

    • touch any other mind
    • read any other mind
    • implant thoughts into any other mind