16 years old


    When I was a teenager, I fell madly in love with the idea of psychic power. So I bought all the books that I could find at the bookstore that could shed light on how you acquire such abilities. My book collection grew large yet in the end I found that they were all quite disappointing, as it seemed that no author was able to explain how the best psychics are able to access information from the psychic world. The books had enticing covers, with titles that offered the great promise of a transfer of the most sacred of all skills, yet none of these books did not deliver, more than just a trite sentence or two, on their promise.


    All of these books and I mean all, are chocked with a whole lot of “filler”. The fill being:


    a wandering biographical account of their own development by "experience"

    a litany of personal anecdotes about readings and clients finding answers

    incessant waffling content on non-related spiritual topics

    beautiful sounding sentiments of human unity that come from the other site


    If there is any actionable exercise or technique for an aspiring student, it’s briefly mentioned, not explained in any detail as to “how it works”. Ultimately any exercise seem like a poor prescription, a half-baked idea mentioned in passing, that of course never produces an level of authentic psychic ability for the avid reader of the book.


    Now the book you’re about to read will be different. No filler. No waffling on about peripheral topics. No avoiding the crux of the topic for 300 consecutive pages! My content, beyond this introducction, will be so dense that you’ll be wishing I would tell a light story about one of my interesting clients. I have many fascinating stories about peculiar readings, or peculiar clients or the startlingly detailed information I was able to provide. But how is that going to help you to develop your own psychic ability? A book like that should be called a "diary", or a "journal".


    So how did I become an authentic psychic if all the teachers and teachings were useless? It was by experiment, plenty of "trial and error", by slowly figuring things out on my own and by never giving up due to my unshakeable faith that I was destined to unlock a psychic gift.



    19 years old


    After I figured out some techniques that worked, I built up lots of experience over a 3 year period by working full-time as a professional psychic. It was pretty crazy being a professional psychic at just 19 years of age, reading for business people, lawyers and judges and so on. I naturally attracted this kind of clientele simply by reading from a location near the legal district of my home city. I suppose they were there for my gift, not my knowledge or experience, meaning my young age was irrelevant.



    22 years old


    After doing thousands of readings in the psychic trenches, I pivoted my career into running events as a “psychic coach”. My role a teacher started when I decided to run a 6 week workshop on psychic development. It was just 2 hours every Friday night. Since this was my first attempt at public speaking, I didn't want a large audience, so I just did some advertising on the walls of the new age shop that I was reading at. To my surprise, around 7 people signed-up for my course. It turned out to be a highly fulfilling experience, so a ran that course two more times. Suddenly the retail store that I was reading for was going to close down, so I needed to find a new location. Instead of continuing with my readings as a Monday to Friday “job”, I decided to see if I make a professional audio record my psychic development workshop. It turned out to be a 4 hour audio program. To sell it, I booked a small advertisement in national magazine. It sold well enough to give me a small modest income each month. Gradually I was able to reach more people through a marketing campaign across 5 or 6 spiirtual magazines. This was the mid 1990s and it was the turning point of my life, selling each audio program for $120 gave me approximately $130,000 to fund other arms of my emerging spiritual publishing business. I sitll run that business today.


    This audio program was marketed across Australia for years from 1997 until 2001, became quite well-known, which lead to an offer of a book deal from a major publishing house. The publisher was offering a standard "advance" for a new author of $6000. I excitedly signed the deal and then never wrote the book because I didn’t need the money. My business was doing well and I’d lost interest in teaching as a way of making money. The public just wanted readings, so I built a team of psychics to provide readings by phone. It’s a thousand times easier to sell readings than to sell a psychic development product. Being an author is a joyful road that doesn't pay very well. Ever since I've only ever written for fun, not for profit.



    48 years old


    Fast-foward many years, I'm now 48 years of age. I've had a few decades of experience in thinking about this matter on a deeper level of understanding than my first audio program on psychic development that I authored at age 22. My contemplation upon this subject has never stopped and it never will stop until I die. So naturally, my teaching now is quite different to my 22 year old self. The main difference in this new book has been less waffle, less “filler” and just sticking with core content of the 'process' of being psychic during a reaing. When people don’t fully understand how something works, they tend to compensate by offering non-related info. I was a talented psychic as a teenager but now in my middle-age I’ve relaxed into my self-faith even more deeply over those three decades. Thirty years has allowed my faculty to be sharpened several fold.


    Now I don't do readings for money, so there's no need to do personal readings. I direct my psychic radar dish purely to the great mysteries that keep on puzzling humankind century after century. That’s all I’m going to say about my own exploits as a known psychic and my own personal prowess. This book is about you and how you can develop real psychic abilities.



    Why am I giving you a short biography?


    Mainly to show you that I didn’t become a famous psychic and then make a quick “how to” product on becoming psychic. My story is different to the usual path of being a TV psychic, I became well-known for making a “how to” product that people actually liked because it worked.


    The problem with 99% of famous psychics is that they have no clue “how” they do what they do. Their publisher insists that they milk their follower base with an “unlock your psychic powers” book title. Sell their followers with a "you can be psychic too" spiel. My path was different in that my career started by successfully explaining to people how the psychic process works.


    Teaching the subtleties of the psychic state of consciousness is an extremely difficult task. Virtually nobody knows how it works. There’s very few souls (alive, or even dead authors) that have an inkling, and out of that small group of souls that have a slight understanding, all of them seem to be terrible at carefully elucidating such a subtle art in the blurry realms of "mind". That’s the main reason why so many psychic development books suck so bad. That's why so many books are lean on actionable content. The few books that do give you a litle actionable content, don’t work to awaken your psychic senses, even if you follow the instructions diligently. Those authors are merely guessing because in truth nobody fully understands the mechanics of the metaphysical realms.


    Some people are subsequently a little too eager to proclaim that psychic ability is purely an outcome natural talent and cannot be nurtured. I think it is natural, yet that small kernel of natural ability that exists in most people can be nurtured into a great power. You can’t make the a person with the wrong kind of temperament a world class psychic. A student needs a disposition that lends itself to the psychic process. The tendency to day-dream is one characteristic in people suited to being psychic. What is a psychic? A psychic is a "sensitive". The best psychics are "hyper-sensitive" types. The tendency to day-dream is one characteristic that shows a person may find it easy to enter the psychic state. Daydreaming and the psychic brainwave pattern are very similar frequencies of consciousness. Well, it’s not really consciousness, it’s similar frequencies of unconsciousness!



    Are psychic development circles better than books?


    So how about learning from a mentor, rather than a book? If you take a psychic development course from the lady down the street, it probably won’t work. You'll likely have a good time yet at the end of the development course, your psychic senses will start remain a beginner's level. Everything the teacher says will sound nice enough, everything will sound “well-rounded” but the real skill won’t be honed. You'll probably have a pleasurable time chatting with like minded people who attend.


    If somebody really understands “how to be psychic” they can easily write it down, just as well as they can tell you in person. The problem doesn’t lie in the “telling” or the “writing”, its in the lack of knowing. A book would be far more convenient for most people to study at their own pace and at their own convenience. How did I write my first book on psychic development all those yeras ago? I simply wrote down onto paper everything I told folks who attempted my development circle. Anyone who tells you it has to be done "in person" is lying. The words people heard at my in-person events are the same exact words that people from other cities around the nation saw on the pages of my book. In many ways, the person learning from the comfort of their own home has a better chance to relax and enter the psychic state. It has to be learned at home! The gift has to be acquired in solititude.


    Please don’t enrol in a $800 online course by a well-known psychic or medium. They’re just marketing off the back of their personal brand. Are they an amazing psychic? Yes, truly! Are they able to explain any part of 'how' they’re able to be so amazing? No, unfortunately! Miracle workers are very rare, people who can teach you how to become a miracle worker are even rarer. Natural psychics can’t explain even the first part of what they do. They have no clue. If you read their best-selling books, you'll read story af story of fascinating experiences, yet little insight into how you can personally interface with the psychic realm and extract detailed information from that realm.



    Is there any other book on the market worth reading?


    My personal library contains thousands of books predominatly on the subjects of psychic development, metaphysics and mystical philosophy. If I don’t own it, I’ve flicked through all the other leading books at the bookstore. I’m completely obsessed about psychic power. Plus I love books so much that love smelling them! So after admitting that embarassing fact, I can be relatively confident in assuring you that the other books will waste your time just like they wasted my time. How about the internet? If you’re looking for some sacred scroll from the distant past to impart this gift upon you, you’re going to never find such a text. I've read almost every ancient sacred text known to humanity, there's nothing there. The Taoist material is worth reading to deepen your understanding of "to act without effort". The philosophy of effortlessness is sprinkled across all the various Taoist texts, it something they call Wu-Wei.



    Most psychics aren’t using a psychic method


    First all, you’ll need to understand what ‘psychic’ means by understanding what it is not. Not all methods of fortune telling are psychic arts. Some are predictive sciences. Some examples of sciences include astrology, numerology, palmistry, hand-writing analysis and so on. You don’t need any psychic ability at all to learn these sciences, all you need is a good memory to recall all that you learnt from a book or heard in an audio course. That doesn’t make you a psychic! That makes you a parrot. That makes you a computer, you recall knowledge from your knowledge bank.


    It shocks me how many professional fortune tellers purely use their intellect and its retrieval of memory based knowledge. Even some tarot readers simply regurgitate to the client the exact technical meaning for each card, one card after another for the entire session. I’ve even seen a female reader pick up the tarot book in the middle of a session and read the meaning of the card to the client. What a joke!


    This book on psychic development is not about those boring classical or ‘technical’ methods of doing readings. The technical methods of fortune telling will render information to your client is that inaccurate 99% of the time. Technical divination always talks in very bland general terms, to ensure nothing uttered could me construed as "wrong" by the client. The info these systems provide is so broad-brushed and dreary that the customer never returns for another reading.


    I will teach you how to be psychic, really psychic, allowing you to offer specific details to your clients. So let’s say that your preferred divinatory device is tarot, I will tell you to try to completely forget what you’ve learned about each card and attempt to discern something new from that card in each reading. Loosen your acuity of sight on the card's image, loosen your acuity of sight away from even a particular symbol on the card surface. Let the symbols upon the card morph into each other, mix, re-combine and create a new shape that you then interpret. Never read a tarot card statically ever again1 I want you to get so good at morphing the traditional meanings of each symbol on a card into entirely new grouping of symbols inside your own awareness. that you could never go back to utterting the same interpretations verbatim to client after client.


    If you get good at this “morphing” of the drawn symbols on a card face into something re-configured upon the screen of awareness inside you, then one card could end up becoming the meaning of another card in one reading, and that same card turns into an entirely another card in the next reading for the following client. So ‘the fool’ could become ‘the star’ for one client and ‘the fool’ could become ‘the empress’ for the very next client. The 'joker' may not even turn into another tarot card at all, it may morph ito a card of your making, such as "synergy".


    Ultimate you won’t needs a physical tool at all, the entire narrative of the reading will be expressed on the screen of your mind, or as I like to call it, your awareness. I don’t like to use the word “mind” because the mind is what you don’t want interrupting the process of receiving psychic impulses. Mind is the enemy. So what do we call the screen upon which you see impressions or symbols? The "awareness".


    A physical divinatory system, such as tarot, is like training-wheels. It should only be used for the initial few years of your career simply to offer you a framework for your intuitive impulses to use as a symbolic medium or “tapestry”.


    Eventually you’ll create a framework within your mind, making any props or tools such as cards, pendulums, etc. redundant to you. Physical tools have set limits, for example 78 cards in a deck, 64 hexagrams to the I Ching, whereas a custom designed framework in your mind can be boundless in dimension.


    Probably one 1 out of every 100 psychics are genuinely psychic. Such a tiny ratio of competent practitioners is completely normal across many professions, such as physicians, mechanics, herbalists and so on. Most people are pretenders. Very few folks, a tiny minority in any field actually know what they’re doing, so why would the arena of psychic readers be any different? That’s the normal distribution of competence set by nature. 97% incompetent, 3% competent. Read the pages of this book carefully and you’ll become that a part of that 3%.



    If being psychic was easy, everyone would be psychic


    Please be aware of what you're signing-up for. Ove the last 24 years, I've employed hundreds of psychics across the world from countries such as USA, australia, New Zealand and Europe. Let me tell you: being psychic is a lot of pressure. You’re telling people that you’re about to perform a miracle for them! A real miracle. Even the most experienced 70 years old psychics get nervous before a reading. You are claiming to travel through time or space. It’s magic, real magic. It's the toughest job in the world, you willingly choose to put a lot of pressure on yourself to perform. However, it’s also fulfilling on a spiritual level. It’s a lot of fun once you relax into the session. It really way a fun way to make money and help people. So relax, have fun, you’ll naturally get better over time if you always keep in mind the principles outlined in this book.


    If you have fun... you’ll keep doing readings and if you keep doing readings then you’ll inevitable get better. One day you’ll realize that you are getting plenty of detailed information through for your client. A talented psychic is always in great demand, they were 3000 years, they are today and will be 3000 years from now.



    May your faith be strengthened,

    Zachary Ziamus