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    If you keep listening to the music that moves your heart, soon that music will lead you to make real-world action in the right direction. The reverie aroused by music is holds more influence over your internal reservoir of motivation than you'd ever imagine is possible.



    Good music is the conjuring of some metaphysical power within those who play and those who listen.

    It’s an inner power that we still don’t understand after thousands of years of dancing, singing and being mesmerized by sound.



    Music is more than sound, it is the filling of your body with an energetic vibration. If the music really speaks to you, it will slowly re-configure every cell in your body with a positive influence imparted by the music. That's why you should employ sound as your preferred mode of therapy. Your soul can literally purify the physical body if the right interface of music is used.



    Almost all communities that lived in tune with nature have intuitively understood the power of music. 10,000 years from now the ultimate divine experience will still be aroused by musical composition.

    Of course the audible can be intensified with visual stimuli, but the prime mode of invocation will be sound. In the mystical arts, the auditory method is the most primal.



    There’s no instrumental as richly complex as the human voice, as long as that ugly overcoat of fear has been removed... it becomes the direct instrument of soul.



    The fastest way to hear your all your non-physical flaws is to listen back to a recording of your own voice. A mirror isn’t really the most truthful reflection of self, it shows only the corporeal body (a genetic remnant of your parents), a voice recording is a real spiritual mirror.



    The only undeniable truth in this universe is Number. God's fingerprints are all over numbers, yet you still think of them as a simple quantity. They are far more than mere quantities, they are also the fundamental qualities of life.



    Only number is undeniable.



    Life is short. Play your inner music! Rid yourself of fear and let yourself out.

    You are the cage.

    You are the key.



    Even God surrenders to the beauty of music. Sometimes I imagine that if the music was beautiful enough, the universe will collapse in on itself, resolving all outstanding conflicts, like some grand re-conciliation. That’s how I see the very final moment of physical existence, when music touched the very structural centre of the universe in such a way as to resolve all tension instantaneously. The core nerve of the universe might quiver for a moment or two before this monstrous multi-galactic body of space falls into a deep peaceful sleep. I like to picture it like a complex multi-faced 3-D object that collapses down in a perfect sequence of self-infoldment to a simple 2-D shape. It’s a reduction to the most original binary, like a two-sided coin, the two fundamental forces of Nature mated in a stable balance. And this primordial simplicity, remaining set in a wholesome harmony for countless eons until the call to complexity awakens again.



    All science is an application of sound.

    We just haven’t figured that out yet.

    The very structure of the universe is sound.



    Numbers are not just numbers, they can be applied to make sound.

    Sounds are not just sounds, they can be applied to make music.

    Music is not just music, it can be applied to make emotion.

    Emotions are not just emotions, they can be applied to make spirit.

    Spirits are not just spirits, they can applied to make gods.

    God are not just gods….



    The best thing in this world is NATURE’S INTELLIGENCE.

    The best thing in this universe is MUSIC.

    Why are they different? They’re not. It’s the same thing on different levels of understanding.



    God is not a person, it’s a song.

    The best songs here on Earth are the demi-gods.

    Our personified images of godheads are simply ridiculous.



    Truth is my torch and the path I'm treading is a musical one. Direction seems to be one in which the experience of beauty is greater and greater.My hope is that this path never ends.



    The soul that doesn't like music has already lost their soul.



    Each song is an attempt to conjure an angel.



    Is music the most beautiful thing of all?

    Greater than grace? Easily, because it includes grace but so much more.

    Greater than the highest emotion? Easily, because it includes grace but so much more.

    It doesn’t matter which higher virtue that you summon to compete with music, music will already innately encompass.



    It’s more intelligent to judge people based on

    what “they sound like”

    rather than

    what “they look like”.

    People are always trying to carefully cater to your eyes, but they can’t hide their true voice.




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