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    December 2022


    If you aren't permitted to question an answer, then you're dealing with a religion. Science is just a fancy term for "doubt". To be scientific, is to doubt even the most obvious of evidence. Science is not just the simple collection of evidence, is the doubting of accumulated evidence to see what still stands after rigorous questioning.




    The problem with this world is all of the people doing the LEAST they can get away with…. yet still getting paid in full.




    If you love to write, people will end up liking your writing.

    If you have fun writing, people will end up finding your writing “fun”.

    This truth rests on the condition that you do it for long enough….

    so that your skill may be honed.

    Cast all fear of judgement off, if people don’t like it, who cares?

    Create to express yourself.

    No rules.

    Do what pleases you.

    All else would be a lie and will turn out to be ugly.

    Beauty is truth.

    Other people’s blindness to beauty is not your concern.

    They may even revisit your work 20 years later and absolutely love it.

    The reward is seeing the beauty you create, not the passing compliments of judges.

    You are the only judge that matters. That’s art.




    God loves people who

    1. listen to their heart
    2. follow it




    The reward for art is the art. The joy is in the making and also your own appreciation of what was created. What the world thinks, means nothing. From the sidelines you’ll hear the all the many exaggerations…. the empty cheers and empty jeers.




    This world is not perfect,

    You experience some harm so that you may course correct.

    So it is perfect in the end, yet feels imperfect during the process.

    The perfection of imperfection is as close to perfection as you’re going to get.




    The person who displays intelligence yet demonstrates no abiding humility, is a person trying to appear to be intelligent.




    You don’t need to be great.

    Instead all you really need to do is to become a vessel for greatness.

    It only takes an hour of your lifetime,

    during which you willingly abandon yourself for a short time,

    into a complete surrender to some greater spirit than your own.




    If I choose to play THIS game, what do I stand to win?




    The 3rd most common cause of death is medical error. Never, ever forget this fact. People dearly want to help but rarely ever do.




    An attainment of true wisdom leads you to read less and less books as time goes on.

    And the books you do read, will be read slowly in search of depth of understanding.

    A soul still fiendishly reading books in their 80s or 90s is a person of knowledge, not understanding…. a collector of tools rather than holder of wisdom.




    idiots = read no books

    aspirants = read many books

    sages = read few books

    enlightened = read no books


    NOTE: an idiot can't simply jump straight to enlightenment, we all must crawl through the mud of intellectual sophistication




    A profitable business is worth all the suffering you’ll go through to get it.

    Then the business works for you and you can

    find yet another business
    spend plenty of time to take care of your health



    Growing ALWAYS means leaving some of the people in your life behind.

    There’s no merit or morality in refusing to grow in order to maintain previously established relationships.




    God doesn’t want you to do God’s work.

    It wants you to do YOUR work.

    All blessings come from genuine creativity.

    You can bless yourself, as much as you like.

    Do not ask for God to bless you . . .

    the blessing of limitless creativity was already granted.




    If you cared about a person enough, you’d tell them the truth.

    You placate all those you don’t care about.




    Scrutiny can only take you so far, then you have stand back and make sense of the bigger picture. This is what the nerds can’t do.


    The purpose of science is to question all existing science.

    The only thing that can’t be questioned is religion.

    Religion is faith, people are free to believe what they believe.

    If you’re not allowed to question something, you are dealing with religious zealots.




    Don’t pick something you love.

    Pick something you think could make a lot of money, then lose yourself into the process of slowly building something to revolutionize that space.




    The closer you get to death, the more intelligent you naturally become. You can see what is important and what is irrelevant. Without death, life becomes a long wandering meaningless path of idiotic blindness. Thank the universe each day for your inexorable death.




    Inviting your opposition to a heated debate is honourable.

    Taking away your opposition’s right to even speak… is a lack of all honour.

    If their idea is so bad, why would you fear it enough to censor them?




    Nobody will care about your ______ like you will.

    Fill in the blank with anything that is valuable to you.




    If you listened to all the whispers of your heart, you’d succeed faster.

    It whispers all those DOUBTS to you for a reason. Heed them.

    It whispers all those micro EXCITEMENTS to you for a reason. Heed them too.

    People fail for ignorance of their own subtle intuitions.




    Life isn’t easy.

    But you can make it so much harder on yourself if you think it’s hard.




    Go where you are respected.

    Then stay only if you are appreciated.

    Stop acquiescing to all of the pleas from people who don’t even like you.

    If they don’t like you in your natural state….

    then they’ll definitely never like you for your artificial façade that you contrive in a lame attempt to win them over.




    Life is game of appreciation.

    You win points (strength) with each moment of appreciating the beauty of life.




    There’s a billion things that can go wrong inside your body, that never do…. decade after decade during your lifetime. And yet you don’t believe in a higher benevolent intelligence? Any one organ in your body could torture you every second of every day. Yet it doesn’t, and you just assume that you’re worthy of such neutral opportunities for bliss that pass every moment of your day.




    The loudest are the most insecure.

    The quietest are those at partial peace with themselves.




    Some people might accuse me of having a morbid pre-occupation with Death.

    I’d say I’m just a philosopher.

    There’s no meaning to life without death.

    To fill your life full of meaning you need to constantly think of your death.

    Most people can’t contemplate their own death, because they are scared of death.

    Love death for what it brings to your life.

    Death shows you what has great meaning and what has no meaning at all.




    Self-criticism is a heavy enough load for you to carry for a lifetime.

    You don’t need criticism coming from the people who are meant to love you.

    You’re better off alone than with people who enjoy pointing out your flaws.




    Family members that criticize you frequently simply don’t love you.

    People that genuinely love you just want to see you happy.

    If the love is true, it will be well aware of your imperfections yet accepting of them.




    Spend your life around people with imperfections that you have compassion for.

    You get to choose. Forget the rest.

    For example, I can love a lazy soul but not a loud bossy soul.

    Cut people out of your life who have little compassion for your own imperfections.

    No soul in this world is perfect.




    Nobody in this world is perfect.

    This imperfection itself is perfect.

    Imagine a world full of perfect souls and how dull it would ultimately become.




    You’re here until you’re not.

    Keep fighting to the very end.

    And the best way to fight is to remain optimally calm during each action.

    So ironically the best way to fight is not to fight at all.

    Hold yourself in a deep faith in the great intelligence that made you and this world.

    The intelligence will take you back to spirit whenever the right moment arises.

    The experience of stress is the way you defeat yourself.




    I’ve lived 47 years in a modern Western nation and have been paying taxes every year since my 15th birthday.


    From 12 years in a state school….

    only 1 year had a truly competent teacher.


    I needed the fire brigade one day in my whole life.

    I called but they didn’t come.


    I needed the police one day in my whole life.

    I called but they didn’t come.


    I needed the hospital one day in my whole life.

    I drove there, but they told me my difficulty to breath was nothing and to go home.


    I needed public education one year in my kid’s life.

    My hidden microphone found the teacher excluded my son from most activities.


    You’re “on your own” far more than you’d ever think. All these other people are simply acting for their hourly pay and don’t care that much. The socialized systems rarely incentive performance. What this means is that little has changed over the last 3000 years of recorded human history, your plight is still one of being pretty much alone in the forest, however now the forest looks like concrete. This concrete fools you into deluding yourself that “civilization” is there for you. The truth is that you are there for civilization, you pay much in civilization fees and get very little back.




    In order to access the faster spiritual world beyond, you’ll need to slow down your experience of this slower world to a standstill. It’s just like your brain state during those five or ten minutes before you fall asleep. The spiritual realm works at a significantly faster frequency, it can’t be accessed whilst your mind is full aligned with a slow intellect of awareness of the physical realm. The apparatus that you use to perceive the world of Spirit is not the mind.




    The reason why your spirit can’t easily talk to the Great Intelligence is that it is being blocked by the rampant activity of your intellectual mind. Switch the intellect off in order to open a higher frequency conversation with the source of infinite truth. You switch it off every night in order to fall asleep. You “sleep” a third of your life in this world in order to return each night to the spiritual world. The ten minutes of semi-consciousness as you are trying to fall asleep is your best window to access data from the universal computer. Never let those 10 minutes go to waste.


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