Astrology has no proof whatsoever, yet miraculously it has attained a status of being woven into the fabric of cultures of both the West and the East. It’s an integral part of many print publications, newspapers and magazines, and of course, it’s a part of many online portals. Then in oral communication, people in the dating world often ask each other’s signs and make judgments based on those twelve different signs.


    This outcome of an unproven science being so prevalently used in our modern societies is truly astonishing given the fact that these systems of astrology don’t seem to work at all. Whether it be your short horoscope that you read in the newspaper, or a full $140 natal report sent to you by an experienced astrologist, the interpretations about your personality and the predictions of the future seem so poor that they could be randomly generated and obtain the same level of accuracy.


    I’ve never met a person in my life who was impressed by the accuracy of a full natal report about themselves.


    I was ALWAYS open to the possibility of the planets having a measurable impact on our lives. I’d just never seen any proof of it, in any way, shape, or form. It makes sense that the other planets in our own solar system could have a bearing on our own. I see our solar system as a macrocosm of the microcosm, so an atom is the microcosm and the solar system is the macrocosm. I believe that it’s almost common sense to consider the possibility that one electron that’s orbiting a nucleus could affect the other electrons, or affect the nucleus. So I was always a willing consumer to see if I could detect any pattern from the stars. Obviously, cheap horoscopes printed in pop culture were obviously fraudulent. But I thought detailed natal reports, generated by a computer or by a veteran astrologer, could be more likely to show some evidence of the science to an end user.


    All the reports I received, by computers or highly experienced astrologists, were pretty damn average, tenuous proof of anything, very much general information that could apply to almost any random human walking down the street.


    Astrology is fake. People so dearly wish the heavenly bodies could whisper secrets to humanity about what is to come, yet wishing does not make it so. Try to think of a single major prediction that was uttered by an astrologer publicly that came to pass. Astrology is a sham science.


    Please note that I’m not just your average casual observer of astrology. I’ve sold more astrology products than almost anyone else in my own country. How did I achieve such a feat? I owned a leading astrology magazine for 14 years. I published four issues per year. Readership per issue was around 10,000 people. You can do the math from there to determine my reach in producing astrology content for the masses to consume.


    So why did I sell an astrology product if I didn’t even believe in astrology? I was giving people what they wanted. I originally started the magazine as a “psychic phenomena” magazine, which is something I truly believe in. I would often notice as the average consumer would flick through my magazine and then suddenly ask “where’s my horoscope?” So in the end, I simply acquiesced to their desire. Give the consumer what they want! I’m intelligent enough to be super clear that I’ll make money by giving people what they want, instead of what I want to give.


    You don’t run a magazine for the fun of it. It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of money being risked with each issue. The printing bill for each magazine was usually between $8000 - $12000 and you need to remember you’re doing that four times a year. So imagine placing $40,000 on the table every year and you need to make it back slowly selling each copy for $6.95 and the distributor will take half of that before you see a cent.


    Magazines are a business and in business, you need to give people what they want or you’ll quickly go out of business. You have to be semi-retired to produce products that you like, rather than what the market likes. I’m now semi-retired so now you’re hearing my product about what I really think and what I really like.


    What I really like is real astrology. So who has real astrology? Unfortunately, I do. I can think of a thousand better ways of spending my life than being a champion for “astrology”. Now there’s a lost cause! It has such a bad reputation that's been built up over so many decades. I really don’t want to invite the ridicule of conventional scientists with my unconventional science of astrology. Being an exponent of astrology, publicly is a hard road. This is a path I’d never choose. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only person who’s discovered some real astrology, so I feel obliged to share it and sharing means defending the science.


    Sure I can try to rename my astrology with a term that attempts to separate it from the astrology that came before me. Let’s be honest, that’s never going to work. The critics will label my science another branch of astrology and I’ll end up trying to convince the world that astrology is real, not normal models of astrology but my own new model.


    During the years where I sold all the fake astrology to the eager consumers, I’d often have an argument with my best friend about whether astrology is real or not. He would argue that it’s all bunk. I’d argue that, even though it’s currently bunk, in the future we could discover the real machinations of the solar system. So he was closed-minded on the topic, I was open-minded. The arguments could become quite heated and sometimes it felt that our long-standing friendship, built over several decades, was about to fully implode due to this disagreement. My friend was adamant that astrology could never be ratified as a real science because the planets, as far as we know in the modern world, have a negligible effect on our own planet. The gravitational effects of one planet on another are real but minuscule.


    Although he thinks that our current level of scientific understanding of gravitation or fields will never be superseded, I firmly believe that as the centuries pass in the future, major discoveries will be made that then make us realize how little we knew at the turn of the millennium in the year 2000. I’d imagine the scientist in the year 2650 will understand 100 times more about astrophysics and the interplay of the energies between bodies in space than our scientists know today.


    As the years passed, my coding was getting better and better. So I was tempted to try coding a “scanner” to scan for patterns. My best friend was also learning to avoid even starting that line of discussion with me, since he knew I wouldn’t back down from my open-minded stance and he was clear that he’d never back down from his cynicism. He didn’t want to lose the friendship, so he’d abort the conversation if the subject of astrology went beyond even a few sentences back and forth between us.


    Finally, the day came when I felt like I had some time to see if I could code the movements of the planets in the solar system. I’m not an A-grade coding guy, I’m B grade at best, so I wasn’t really sure I had the capacity to undertake a coding project that involved astrophysics and the complex calculations it would require. Calculating a position of a planet in its orbit around the sun isn’t simple because the orbit is elliptical, not a perfect circle. So I’m self-aware enough to realize that elliptical calculations may be beyond my pay grade.


    Anyway, I was able to find some code snippets to do the hard calcs for me. I just had to custom modify it to do what I wanted. I wanted to simplify astrology for the purpose of testing. One aspect of astrology, excuse the pun, that I really hated was all the buzzwords and terminology. Terms like “degrees”, or “aspects” or “houses” or “ascendancy” and so on. I never cared for astrology enough to even study Western astrology in much detail, or Eastern “Vedic” astrology. So the terms seemed ridiculous to a bystander like myself, even if I had a general understanding of the meaning of each term. I knew the general “gist” of each astrology term.


    I didn’t really learn these terms out of a desire to do so, there was no such desire in my being after seeing it fail 100% of the time to predict anything in my own life or the life of the people I knew. In addition to selling truckloads of astrology magazines, I provided a service of computer-generated natal reports. In each issue, I’d print a one-page advertisement for the natal reports. In order to produce these reports, I had to research all the major software options in the astrology sector and I purchased the leading software and all the reports that integrate into that code calculation software. The end result of selling horoscopes and natal reports is that you end up picking a decent understanding of astrological concepts.


    As I slowly built my own crude astrology program, I wasn’t interested in using a Babylonian 60-base system for calculations. Remember, I was just looking to do a quick test of whether there’s any pattern. I mean a pattern between the movement of the planets in the solar system and events here on earth, in our individual lives, or the lives of our cultures that individuals dwell within. So, I’d greatly prefer simply to break each cake into 100 pieces rather than 360 pieces, so everything could be simple percentages. We all use percentages in our daily lives; I felt perfectly familiar with 25%, 50% (halfway), or 75% as in three-quarters. Base-10 was just a far easier way to understand cycles for me personally, rather than using a ridiculous system of base-60 that stems from ancient Babylon. Humans only preserve base-60 for things to do with circles, which is why astrology uses 360 degrees all the time, since they think the ellipse is so loosely an ellipse that we might as well refer to it as a circle, and we measure circles in 360 parts.


    So, my coding was building a scanner that would use normal astrophysics calculations but report to me in simple percentages. I thought all I needed to discover was a subtle influence of the planets on some events here on Earth. To prove astrology, you don’t need to specify what’s going to happen in the love life of your aunt Edith next week; you just need to prove with data an “effect” or “pattern” with any event at all. The likely contenders for being the outcome of slight astrological influences were not the tiny events in the life of a tiny human being but global events, like great societal disasters, major world events, or even the major markets on our planet. I mean markets like soy, sugar, wheat, zinc, and so on, commodities that are exchanged internationally at a great scale every day.


    I thought major events were the most likely sources to prove that planets were lining up in a similar way to major events in our distant past. The problem with events is that you have to go way back, since “major” world events don’t happen every day, or even every week, or even every month, or even every year, or even every decade. Major events, like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or wars are often a one-in-a-century catastrophe. Natural events like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions would be my preferred target since they have nothing to do with the apparent “will” of man to bring about his own disasters or triumphs.


    In the end, I chose commodities for a few reasons. First, natural disasters require my software to accurately calculate the positions of the planets hundreds of years ago. That was difficult to achieve for a B-grade coding guy. Secondly, the data records of commodities are truly perfect and extend back 120 years or more in some cases. In stock market circles, which I’m extremely familiar with, we can find databases with daily data entries for an entire century. So, daily data points would give my scanner the best chance to find a shorter duration cycle. The century-long list of daily data points would give my scanner the best chance at finding long-term cycles. When I say cycle, I mean a pattern between the planet and worldly events that keeps repeating.


    So, I had the required components to run a truly comprehensive test to figure out if there’s any correlation whatsoever between the precise positions of the planets in relation to the sun and also in relation to each other, and events here on our planet. The stock data gave the events here on Earth. My astrophysics code gave me the ability to compute exact elliptic positions of the planets around the sun, as a percentage, and I could then compare those percentages; for example, if Mercury was at 17% of its way around the sun and Venus was at 25%, then I could compare the two metrics to see if there was a relative metric that affected Earth.


    I called the position of a planet as it travels around the sun the ABSOLUTE percentage. And I called the comparison of an absolute of one planet to another the RELATIVE percentage. This gave me plenty of things to scan for. Is there any pattern in absolute terms? Is there any pattern in relative terms? Now, relative could be more than just neighborly relationships between the planets, such as Mercury and Venus. It could be Mercury compared to Jupiter, or Mars versus Neptune.


    I ran the scan for weeks, scanning for a pattern. In absolute terms, I couldn’t see any pattern being detected at all. I ended up improving my code so I could see large histogram graphs, so I could easily eyeball the graphs and see if there was any discrepancy whatsoever. Scientists would expect the graphs to be perfectly random, so you’d end up with a flat line once you look over a long enough time period. Of course, if you only take a sample size of one month, you could easily fool yourself into thinking you’ve discovered the first scientific proof of astrology, since randomness can produce variation at small durations. But if you scan over 10 years, it all evens out and you’ll visually see a chart that shows no anomaly at all, a boring flat line. If you take 70 years of data, the scientists will love you because you simply can’t cheat math over that period of time if you are using daily data points. It’s a perfect, indisputable test! If the graph is a flat line, you’ve proved nothing, which is what science in our world would expect you to find, a big fat nothing-burger.


    It took me 2 months of daily scanning, but I found a pattern. The scientists would exclaim “impossible!” How could I possibly find something that nobody has ever found before? Because nobody has ever bothered to look. That’s why! Nobody could be bothered writing the program, or scanning for weeks at a time in search of even the most subtle pattern. The pattern doesn’t need to be dramatic to prove astrology. Even a subtle pattern shouldn’t be there! If you can measure it, well, that’s big enough, and mathematically speaking, it shouldn’t be there.


    My pattern wasn’t subtle. It was dramatic. It picks the exact day the major stock markets on the planet will make their big long-term peak. It’s the exact day that everyone should sell their stocks, even their retirement investments, and then wait out the storm for a year or so before re-investing.


    My pattern didn’t happen every second time the market peaked; it happened EVERY TIME since 1929. So, it happened in 1929, 1987, 2003, 2007. I then was able to predict the peak from COVID in 2020. I can now tell you that the peak will occur in 2027, a prediction. I can give you the exact month in 2027. I hear in the media every year that the market is going to crash. I heard it in 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. I knew the whole time that there wouldn’t be a major fall. Why? Astrology. Astrology is real, folks. It’s 100% real, and the pattern I found has nothing to do with conventional Western astrology systems or Eastern systems. It’s a completely new form of astrology that uses an entirely different model. The model doesn’t use Earth’s location in space in any way, shape, or form. My system looks at planets' relationship to the sun (heliocentric mode) and the planets' relationships to each other (inter-orbital).


    If you try to replicate my scanner, it won’t work unless you go very deep. Finding a pattern, absolutely or relatively, was not enough. That’s how sophisticated the Creator made the clock we live within. The solar system is a clock; each planet is a hand on that clock. We are living inside a great clock. Some hands are larger than others and thereby have a greater effect on the other hands of the clock. Each hand is not independent; they are a system.






    Here's the proofread version of your text with corrected typos and grammar:


    Some people may wish to inspect my B-grade coding for errors in my math or astrophysics calculations. You don’t really need to; you can check the accuracy of my astrology interpretations at astrologyproof.com because, really, the proof is in the pudding.


    To ensure I achieved the greatest accuracy, I didn’t just use math alone to calculate the cycles. Using math alone means that you simply use the duration of each orbit of a planet around the sun to project back in time to figure out the exact % of that planet on a certain date. Let’s say a planet had a 365-day cycle like Earth, lazy math would be using simply that number to calculate the position of Earth on the 1st of August 1925. You divide the total number of days by 365; all you need to know is where Earth was in its 100-step cycle (percent) on a particular date, then you can use 365 to calculate every other date.


    I used a professional ephemeris to compile a long list of “zero point” dates for a planet. Here’s Venus from the year 1900 to 2046.


    Of course, you can’t just get lazy with your math either, by using this list and then calculating the % of the time lapse between consecutive dates of this list. Remember that a planet’s orbit around the sun is always elliptical, not perfectly circular, and some planets are more dramatically elliptical than others that aren’t incredibly subtle (almost like a circle). Your calcs need to be precise to get the right numbers.


    Once you have the numbers, real numbers that reflect a planet’s true position in its normal circuit around the sun, you’ll need to interpret those numbers. This is where I get to laugh at the people who will try to copy my work. Figuring out, universally speaking, what a number means, is the hardest thing a human being could ever achieve. It took me 15 years of getting my arse kicked every day to crack real numerology. The books about numerology at the bookstores are just making wild guesses. They are wrong. They can’t predict anything. To crack the universe, you need to crack numbers, and numbers definitely aren’t just going to roll over for you and tell you all their secrets. In my worldview, numbers are gods and act like Gods. You want to solve the puzzle of life, well, you better “bring it”. The puzzle runs deep and then deeper again. To crack the number meanings of the universe, you’ll need to be relentless and unwavering even in the face of no progress for years on end.


    The interpretations you see on astrologyproof.com for any date that you enter are based on the numbers produced by astrology and the number meanings derived from numerology. So, astrologyproof.com is proof of both astrology and numerology at the same time. The astrology is a radical new model of astrology, the first working model of astrology in the history of the world. The numerology is a RADICAL new model of numerology, the first working model of numerology in the history of the world.


    You might say that I can cheat with the celebrity personality interpretations on astrologyproof.com, and I’d say two things to that. First of all, all interpretations are 100 different words; that’s it. You can count them if you plug enough dates in and collect all 100 base elements of life. I won’t tell you which word goes with which number; that’s up to you to figure out over the next 2 – 3 decades if you have the fortitude to undertake such a monumental task.


    The second thing I would say is to simply enter the DOBs of your family, friends, and acquaintances, or celebs that aren’t in my list. Do the interpretations work? If you say that there’s some accuracy there, then astrology is real. There shouldn’t be any accuracy at all; that’s what the cynical scientist will tell you. It’s impossible since they can’t detect any fields or radiation that may cause other planets in our system, even if they're true giants compared to Earth, to have an impact on our own little planet.


    If you want the explicit proof, as in, I tell you everything including how I calculate the numbers to interpret (astrology) and the meaning of each number from 0 to 99 (numerology), then you can purchase the key of keys. It’s expensive, so that will take a lot of faith on your behalf, so I advise that you run astrologyproof.com ragged with your testing before you believe that I’ve cracked the hidden order of the universe. The hidden order of the universe is not planets; it’s numbers. My great work was figuring out the meaning of 10 little numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. That was the almighty mountain I climbed. My astrology work wasn’t really that hard; it’s merely a testament to how lazy human beings are that nobody has done a truly rigorous test of various astrology models against hard data.



    If astrology was a breeze, why not disclose just the astrology model for the world to use? If I do that, you’ll be able to easily work out the meaning of each number. You’ll be able to reverse engineer astrologyproof.com and know the meaning of 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Given how hard it was to crack those numbers and the enormous power it hands the holder of such a secret, it doesn’t seem right to grant that knowledge to people who don’t deserve it or would use it wisely.


    So the world can use astrologyproof.com, and if anyone is good enough to crack the solar system, well, they deserve its advantage that it grants to its holder, prior knowledge, and accurate forecasting. If they work really hard and crack number meanings, they deserve the most sacred of all gifts, truly detailed predictions without any psychic ability necessary, made by pure science. In life, spoils should go to the deserving. My philosophy is one of merit, not blind charity.


    Astrologyproof.com is my gift to the world, yet it has its limits. I asked God once to show me how everything in the universe works; He replied bluntly with “a quarter.” He limited me, so I see no harm in limiting you.


    Yep, that’s it, a mere 25%. God seemed to be expanding my understanding to a mere quarter of all there is to understand, so that makes me 75% ignorant even at my peak points during the rest of this lifetime, unless God is so gracious as to expand my limit again from 25% to something higher. So, God told me himself that I’m not enlightened; I’m 75% ignorant! I’m not even halfway there. I’m a mere quarter of the way along that long path. I know how long 25% was, or some of the 25%, and it was long; I feel like a break.


    So, cracking the base number of life doesn’t give you 100% of all sacred knowledge. But it also doesn’t give you nothing; you won’t be sitting at a pitiful 0%. A quarter, or thereabouts, is something. It’s surely a worthy attainment, just not particularly grand in the universal sense of things. At 25%, I don’t think you can call yourself a master or a god or an avatar or an enlightened being. You're just not an outright moron, that’s all.


    I’ve never seen any words written by an enlightened being on this planet. I’ve looked far and wide. I’ve spent my entire adult life looking. No such being exists in this world, that we know of. Don’t go looking for masters; you won’t find them. If you do, ask them for their Xproof.com, whatever their X may be. Proof for all to see, to test it rigorously and see. I’m giving you the cake for free, not the recipe. You can judge the recipe by the cake. I do offer the recipe, but you’ll need to apply to be a holder of the key and be willing to offer me a handsome sum to show you’re not just half-interested.


    So there’s my story. I’m the lunatic who decided in 2006 to crack the true meaning of the single-digit numbers so that I may gain a glimpse into other great mysteries by using those 10 base elements of the universe as tools. It took me 15 years of hard labor. I’m jaded. Finally, I got close enough to the true meanings that God appeared beside my bed and said, “What do you want?”, presumably as a reward. I instantly replied with “to understand it all,” and He increased my low limit to a slightly higher low limit. I’m happy with it; it’s better than nothing. God has never appeared to me prior to this moment in my life, in spite of my utter dedication to the spiritual path, nor has He appeared since.


    As a worthy side note, God appeared when I understood the numbers enough to realize that there are 6 gods: 0 1 2 3 4 5. The other 4 pure numbers of a single digit aren’t true gods. It was that epiphany that summoned the god and his goddess. That shows you how well you’ll need to understand something “base” in life before you get an audience with the Creator. I had to understand the nature of each number, the personality of each number, to figure out the structure of these pure numbers. To learn about that, see my book “The Numbers CRACKED,” in which I don’t share with you the meaning of those base 10 numbers but all the relationships between them. I’ve never been willing to share the meanings, that I call the “key of keys,” unless you really show you’re truly, deeply sincere, but I’m willing to share everything those meanings IMPLY about the structure of numbers and the universe for a small affordable fee.


    If you’re considering becoming a holder of the key alongside me, then please hammer astrologyproof.com to prove to yourself that there really does seem to be something to Zac’s system. Secondly, study my book on the relationships between numbers and use it in your life to see the relationships between people (using the number shown in the day of the month they were born on). Only then, if you’re truly convinced, apply to become a holder of the key. I wish, before I die, to leave the key in at least one person’s hand, preferably the day before I die. To be the only holder would be a great honor, but I know that’s unlikely to occur, so one person would be perfect in advance of my death. If it gets to five holders, I may even pull the plug on handing out the key frivolously. I’m not looking for acknowledgment; astrologyproof.com impressing a few folks is enough to grant me some acknowledgment to keep me satisfied. The key being extended to others is so those with faith are rewarded. It seems fair. Fair in a crazy wizard should be rewarded. Great souls in the distant future, even without prior knowledge of the key, who are sincere in their design to crack the code of the universe, can walk my path and do so in a similar manner that I did, a painstaking manner to figure out the numbers and some astrology along the way to corroborate it, can earn it fairly and squarely, the ultimate prize.


    If a wizard was offering such a key when I was thirty years old, I’d be skeptical, plus I’d probably want to crack the key for myself, as a reward to myself. The reward is taking on the ultimate and walking away triumphant as you overcame it. So, I’m sure what I’d do if I were investigating another wizard's work and thought that there was genuinely something to it. Pay and have that sacred knowledge or simply be inspired that it's indeed possible to crack a universal code of time (astrology) and the fundamental properties of the universe (numbers).


    Either way is fine; show faith in another’s wizardry after you interrogate the fruits of their work, or win it alone to prove to yourself that you’re capable of overcoming the daunting odds that are against your success. Of course, the latter is the higher path, but as I said earlier, I’m now jaded. Will I slowly heal? Probably, slowly. Was it worth it? Of course! That’s what I wanted. If it’s something you truly deeply wanted from the core of your soul, there’s no price too high to pay; you will be willing to do whatever it takes and bear the injury and thereafter be proud of the scars of battle. We all want different things; I wanted to uncover the secrets of the universe. What do you want from life?


    Not everybody wants to dedicate their life to solving the puzzle of life. I haven’t really solved it; I’ve just opened the door enough to have a peek. If you don’t really have a burning need to solve the great riddle of why we are here or how it all works, then simply enjoy the first real astrology and the first real numerology, in the known history of the world, now available for free at astrologyproof.com, or become a holder of the key. Being a holder just means you know the true meaning of the single-digit numbers, my rough estimation of the double-digit numbers (meanings are close), and you have access to my full software app online that shows the numbers working across the whole system.


    Remember, if astrologyproof.com works at all, it’s a miracle. It means astrology is indeed real. It means numerology is indeed real. Two wonderful sciences that work as a way to crack all the other sciences. They are the tools we need to open up a hundred other mysteries that keep baffling us, maybe a thousand. I’ve already used the key (numerology) over a few short years to crack the alphabet, the machinations of our solar system, color relationships, and more.


    It all started because I thought if God used anything to build the universe, it would likely be numbers, an intuition. I endured on this line of inquiry for years due to faith in self. I finished my number meanings because I believed that although our known astrology systems aren’t real, it doesn’t mean we can’t figure out how it really works. Open-mindedness, faith in self, intuition, and most importantly - self-honesty when failure occurs - these are the traits to do great and mighty things.