• there’s an infinite number of numbers

    • yet from all these countless numbers

    • you can be assured that the 10 digits you see across your hands don't lie

    • nor do the 10 toes that you can count across your feet

    • because there’s just 10 numbers that are perfectly pure

    • those are the smallest numbers of all, comprised of just a single digit

    • these 10 little numbers are in fact the 10 most fundamental elements of life

    • our intuition led us to build all numbers from a base of 10 pure ‘symbols’

    • it turns out that these 10 elements of math are also the 10 elements of life

    • it's irrelevant that each human language has its own name for a number

    • what really matters is what the number means

    • and more than a mere quantity to count, it also has a "quality" of meaning

    • and if you ever come to know the true meanings of those 10 pure numbers:


    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


    • you’ll piece together the whole puzzle of nature and her underlying systems

    • and relationships between the base ten numbers become quite obvious

    • such as odd numbers acting like ‘light’

    • and even numbers acting like ‘shadow’

    • which offers us some kind of philosophical insight into the way of life itself

    • that shadows seem to be just as important as light

    • and that the beauty of light may only be known by its absence

    • for you can rest only in the comfort of the shadows, 

    • bearing the direct light from odd numbers can't be sustained for long 

    • this is just one example of philosophical deduction made possible by geometry

    • this book will share many number relationships that point to truth and wisdom








    The glaring problem with humanity is that humanity believes the meanings it ascribes to things as Truth. Humans can’t keep reminding themselves periodically that it was all originally “made up”. The only real truth is ‘measurement’ which renders a number, it other words mathematics or the application of mathematics.



    What is permanent?
    “Numbers” is just a word in the English language, that points to "quantity”.
    Which symbol is used for each quantity is irrelevant, those symbols will change over time but the function of quantification will not.



    The only undeniable truth in this universe is Number.



    What is truer than number? Should epistemology be considered a branch of mathematics?



    Perfection exists in numbers and nowhere else. As pure concepts: does that make them sacred?



    The hardest truth to usurp is Number. Number is the purest form of truth. Number may actually be eternal, making it a God-like being. Pray to no human-like deity, make your offerings to the pure foundational numbers, observe the signs of numbers in nature, 2 birds on a fence, 8 ducks in the pond, 3 flowers fell on your car.



    The riddle of life is the riddle of numbers.



    We use numbers to find patterns.

    But what is real is the patterns and not the numbers.

    Numbers themselves are a pattern anyway.

    You could change the representation of each number and then patterns would still remain the same and discovered just as surely over time.



    The organizing principle of the universe is Number. The patterns in Nature, devised by the intelligence of nature, are numerical.



    Human keep guessing, everybody is just making up shit as they go along.   If you think deeply enough, for long enough, you’ll come to the same epistomological conclusion of all the great minds throughout human history:  math seems to be the only tool to reliably know absolute truth, mystics seldom possess a gift powerful enough…. so that means mysticism is never reliable enough to compete with math.  



    The truth is that there is no truth. All truth is our guess.

    Math is true is that it doesn’t break it’s own laws of logic.

    Logic is simply what makes sense, what is internally consistent.

    It’s the best we have, except for intuition.

    Intuition is startlingly good, yet ever so fickle to work with.



    The highest truth of all is that the only thing that is truly true is the meaning of 10 numbers. Math is the “meaning” of numbers. Math is just a complex abstration of quantity and therfore represents a large pool of inte-connecting reflections. Reflections aren’t the real thing. What’s real is meaning.



    You can sum this entire world in just 4 words:

    “Nobody knows for sure.”

    Maybe the next world has more clarity.

    We live in a world in which everything is unclear.

    I suspect this is by design.

    The only thing that can be known in our world (that is perfectly true) is Number.

    Numbers and their interplay are TRUE.

    Number then, is the key to unlock the mystery, let’s double our efforts in mathematics.





    Science is measurement by number.

    Philosophy is understanding of number.

    That means science won’t ever be perfected until we first perfectly understand numbers.

    Philosophy is the father, science a descendent.



    To understand the ‘quality’ of the numbers is to slowly deconstruct the philosophy of nature.



    What is the purest truth in the world? The truth established by numbers.

    That sounds really obscure and profound, yet it simply means that 2+2=4 can’t ever be disputed at any time or place in the universe. 

    And if the law of quantity is immutable, then the “qualities” of numbers may be just as immutable.



    Nobody knows why we are here.

    Math seems to be the only way to figure it out.

    Mysticism can help us to unlock the math.

    Only an unlikely marriage of religion and science can solve the mystery.

    We have a shot when the mathematicians realize that they are mystics

    and the mystics are fascinated by math.



    Math, that is the key of keys, has shown me how life works but not why we’re here. Of course, understanding how life works gives us some hints about the ‘why’, a few hints are better than nothing at all, but hints are still a long way from concrete resolute answers.



    Geometry can shed light on math.

    Math can shed light on geometry.



    Math is purely a mental construct of humans, so how can it have any bearing on the physical world of Nature? The fact that math strongly correlates to Nature, demonstrates that Math is one of Nature’s more prevailing languages, maybe even THE language of nature. To decode the mystery of life we must first learn Nature’s tongue and she likes to speak in NUMBER.



    Why would God bother personally “ruling” the universe when he can institute a framework that automates the universe?   More than a mere equation or forumula, the automation would be a full framework.  The framework would essentially comprise  a self-sustaining “structure”.   This structure is the highest upstream divine design that the human mind could possibly decipher.   The theory of everything.   It’s the ultimate puzzle to solve, the ultimate prize, to know how the highest intelligence in the universe designed the universe itself.   What were the elementary building blocks?   How were they ordered?   And what was the intention for the ultimate design that this order then created?   Most nerds think that the elements will be numbers, math, yet they are thinking it terms of a complex extrapolation of logical number relationships based on ‘quantity’ alone.  The truth is that God didn’t use quantity, instead it used ‘quality’.   It’s the understanding of the inter-relationships of number qualities that solves the design.  The geeks will spend an eternity trying to crack the universe with number as quantities and get nowhere at all.    Your intellectual capacity will not be enough, first you need a heart to sense the meaning of numbers more than just their boring base computational value.




    Nature is the great door behind which we’ll find god’s thoughts.
    to unlock the door we’ll need need a key of numbers.
    The key itself will be made purely ofnumbers.
    The locksmith who makes the right keyshall be a numerologist.
    The mathematician will look on inamazement.
    Traditional math’s error was simple:
    it was using numbers purely as quantityrather than quality.
    Everything that can be known can beknown as a quantity or a quality.
    Quantity as a system is easy, humankinddiscovered it 5000 years ago.
    Quality as a system is difficult, humankind is yet to figure it out.


    3. THE GODS



    Numbers are the language in which The Great Intelligence encoded the universe. To decode the mechanical systems of the universe and understand how life works, you’ll need to learn a language of Number meanings, not simply numbers as symbols of quantities. The good news is that it is a simple system with only 10 base meanings.



    Nature has geometry. It’s not just pretty, it’s a fingerprint of God, a portal to higher dimensions of truth.



    God is a mechanic and his machine is a simple Number System. It seems complex but buried within that complexity is a beautiful ordered simplicity.



    I don’t know if God is a number, but I do know God works in with a system of numbers as a fundamental building-block of Nature. God’s fingerprints are all over those tools he uses to build. There are definitely some powers in this universe greater than humans and they leave clues in numbers that are evidently organized enough to be worthy of our slow attempts to reverse-engineer this numerical system.



    God writes in numbers, to read God’s word written in Nature all around you, you will need to understand numbers are far more than a simple incremental system of accumulating quantity. Numbers do more than COUNT, they express. The meaning of numbers a matrix underlying the natural organization of things.



    The only truly inexplicable thing in this world is that Number, an idea dreamt up by a high functioning monkey, is so obviously used by the greater force of Nature itself. Numbers are more than number quantities, they are Nature’s way, the way of an intelligent designer who apparently designed all things that exist. If you’re going to pray to anything, pray to numbers. Each pure number that comprises a single pure digit, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 works much like a God or at the very least a direct instrument of God. Each of those 10 energies has it’s own unique personality, more like a functioning principle in a inter-weaving system of number physics. Math isn’t just bare quantity, it’s a form of evolutionary function. Math isn’t just raw math, it’s life.



    History would show that a manageable number of representative pieces is 10 to 100. The smaller the number, the easier it is to discover the truth. The easiest of all is to dived the universe into 2 pieces and label them. It boils the discovery down to 2 questions, 2 separate pieces to name without making a wild guess. If you have a divinatory system with 849 pieces, you have 849 chances to get it wrong, it’s very hard to be correct 849 times out of 849. That task may been 2000-200,000 years into the future of humanity before we have a short at a way of predicting the future so specifically. Right now in our world, people can’t figure out the division of the world into 2 simple pieces. The key of keys divides the world into 10 pieces, accurately.


    Those 10 pieces are general. The 2 pieces would be even more general. 100 would offer some detail, 1000 tremendous detail. The resolution that a divinatory device can render an image of the future depends on the number of colours (pieces) it works with.



    Everything can be argued against: with the exception of number. Number is the exception in all things, the fingerprint of God that we’ve been looking for is sitting right under our nose. There are a 1,000,000 more secrets in numbers that we’re yet to uncover. Mathematics is at the beginning of great journey to last thousands of years.



    To be a philosopher to try to speak on behalf of God.
    There is no job more demanding that to figure out God's systems of engineering.
    And it takes a special spirit of recklessness to even believe you’re worthy enough to try.



    Numbers are as real as hard objects.

    Because we keep finding numbers are involved in the building blocks of these objects.

    The question is: are the numbers more real than hardness?

    Is a designer more “real” than the design they create?

    Is a creator more real than the created?



    Math is a collective delusion of humankind. We made it up. The whole lot! Yet when we overlay our pretty map of numbers across the expanse of nature, we see strong correlation. There is NO reason why our own invention of intellect would correpond the outer real world of physical existence. It’s so perplexing that the greatest minds to ever exist in the history of world are baffled as to reason behind this miracle. Numbers are miraculous. They may look boring to the untrained eye, yet numbers are a true miracle, sacred.