The numerology systems that are in use today don’t work that well. They certainly work well enough to show that there’s actually something to it. It is truly amazing that conventional numerology - that you find in all the popular books at the stores - works at all. It shouldn’t work if you believe that humans simply “made up” numbers. Are numbers a human construct? Personally, I believe we didn’t make up numbers, rather we discovered them.


    That fact that the conventional numerology model partially seems to work is an outright miracle. It implies:


    • if we ever figure it out properly, it will work unbelievably well
    • there is a hidden spiritual order in numbers
    • to predict the future, there is more than mystical ART in this universe, there is a simple SCIENCE that anyone, regardless of their own psychic talent, can easily use to know the future


    So there’s just enough accuracy in traditional numerology systems to warrant further inquiry. It’s almost as if the basic idea of using numbers is indeed correct, particularly when we use the number of the person’s date of birth, however the meaning of the numbers that we then use to interpret the outcome are clearly more wrong than right. So this ultimately means that the system fails more than it works. The meanings we use are only slightly correct. So the public gets bored with the overly “general” interpretation offered in numerology. The numerology reports speak in such tones of generalities that the consumer feels is a bit too ‘hit and miss’.


    Now the other great ‘predictive’ science is astrology. It also offers no real specific accuracy whatsoever, regardless of the Western or Eastern model that you employ. That’s why the average man or woman on the street doesn’t really buy many numerology or astrology reports frequently. Even the believers in these two sciences feel that the science is still in its infancy and isn’t really usable.


    Apart from the meanings of each number being clearly erroneous, the other big lie in numerology is alpha-numerology. Alpha-numerology is ascribing a letter to a corresponding number. The classical system of A = 1 and B = 2 and so on, never works if you try it out with the people you know or the people you know of (celebs). The alpha-numero correspondences that all the books parrot from each other, are obviously derived from a poor first guess penned many years ago. Most authors are just blindly copying the writers who came before them. Nobody seems to question the trite idea of A is 1 and that means B is 2. It really seems like the crude logic of a 6-year-old child. The ‘angel’ or ‘spirit’ who told the first author of this system was evidently just the author’s own imagination talking to himself. If this ridiculously simple system of letters corresponding to numbers in perfect chronological order actually worked in any worldly application, we’d definitely know by now. If it really worked, it would be in daily use across multiple fields of industry.


    Conventional numerology and astrology have both been plagued by being too general in nature. Numerology breaks all people down into about 9 different categories and astrology sorts everyone down into 12 different houses. That makes each category too broad to offer specific interpretations. The end user wants specific interpretations, especially how it relates to their future. When astrology numerology pigeon-hole people into less than 12 holes, it means there’s a lot of different people sharing each pigeon hole! There is an exception to this, I loved the rare numerology books that hit the shelves interpreting all the double-digit numbers from 10 to 99, however the meanings were just someone trying feebly ‘channel’ some truth again. The meanings didn’t work at all. They had the right idea yet couldn’t execute it. A normal numerology book only tells you the meaning of 1-9 and then 11, 22, 33. So 12 broad meanings that need to encapsulate 1/12 of the universe. A true divinatory system should have at least 100 pigeon holes, in order to offer the specificity that the end user is expecting.


    You could read 200 books on numerology and still not learn what the meaning of the number 12 is. I’m not saying that the meanings for 1 to 9 are accurate in all the numerology books thus far, far from it, I’m saying they don’t even try to explain 12 or 13 or 14 and so on. If you truly understand what the number four means and what the number one means, it’s fairly easy to combine their meanings, to blend the meanings, especially when you’re staring at a list of celebrities who were born the 14th (of any month).


    The universe itself really does seem to categorize people into number, yet we don’t know how to build the formulas nor the ultimate meaning of the number that the formula would produce. The formulas that you’ll read in numerology are HIGHLY dubious and the meanings are much better. Since I know the true meaning of the number 0 to 9, I can comment on how accurate all the commercially available books are with their meanings of the “pure” single-digit numbers. I’d probably give them a 2 out of 10. That might seem harsh, but it’s not zero! It should be zero if they were just pulling meanings out of thin air. Their “intuition” got 20% of the real meaning.


    My approach to numerology is to not build formulas at all, so that I’m not assuming anything. We’re a long way from building formulas! First, we must figure out the real meaning of each pure number. I’ve done that. Next, we need to figure out the meaning of the double-digit numbers from 10 to 99. Maybe then we could investigate tricky formulas because only then could we have the meanings to check if those formulas are really working.


    Why would I just pull formulas out of the air? Leave the numbers as they are, don’t break them down until you figure out the meaning each number authentically. Even breaking a number, let’s 26 down to 8 by adding 2 + 6 = 8 is a formula. What’s the formula based on? It’s certainly isn’t based on irrefutable geometry outlined in Euclid’s geometry treatises. It’s some “woo woo” person simply claiming that they had a vision or dream or an intuitive inclination to do so. So please, never break numbers down. We are centuries away from even dabbling in such intricacies of numerology.


    When I used the key of keys (the real meaning of the pure numbers) in November 2019 to quickly check if there’s any pattern to be detected in the alphabet, I was expecting to find nothing at all. Why would there be a pattern in a man-made system of symbols? If you consider the meandering ancient history of the alphabet over time, an intelligent order within those symbols seems highly unlikely.


    I was genuinely surprised when a pattern was found, a pattern clear enough that I simply couldn’t dismiss it. That doesn’t mean that I understand ‘how’ or ‘why’ numbers, as the natural order of things, were able to influence an alphabet. Logically, with humans slowly bringing together an alphabet over centuries in Europe, there was no one wise sage with a long white beard who hid the language of the universe into a simple alphabet. The letters came together too slowly, over too many centuries, for one old sage, in one place, to embed a deeper secret code. Could an ‘order’ or sage do it, possibly but it seems unlikely that at such an early period of history that a priestly order would be so organized as to secretly influence the growing alphabet into a system that reflects the heavens and the heavenly number system. So my working hypothesis is that we as humans unconsciously embed the universal order of things into what we create. In other words, God is a “nature” within us that embeds its intelligent imprint: without our conscious knowledge.


    Alpha-numerology is subtle yet influential enough to have a measurable impact. Please don’t expect miracles from this book. Try to remember that we are working with a second order effect. Numbers are the first order and can have dramatically accurate interpretations of people, places and things. However, the alphabet is only mirroring or reflecting that order of all orders, the number forms of the universe.


    If you want something more striking, without going to the great expense of becoming a holder of the key of keys, then there is a relationship between 2 planets at the time of birth that foretells, with greater accuracy that a human-given name, the personality of a soul. God’s mind controls the moment you are born. See my book “unlock the planets” if you wish to predict a soul’s personality based on the planetary positions at birth.


    I believe astrology is a more specific method of using a second order effect of numbers. Straight number interpretation offers the ultimate accuracy and specificity that consumers are hankering for. After that, astrology using the 3 planet method I outline in my book on astrology. And finally, in third place, alpha-numerology. So I’m saying the alphabet partially reflects the universal system of intelligence (numbers) whereas planets moving around the sun are not a man-made system. We did not place those planetary bodies into motion. Something greater than humankind did that. So if you calculate the exact position (position is a number as a percentage of the planet’s natural non-circular cycle around the sun) then that set of numbers at the moment you were born, or a BIG unplanned moment during your lifetime (car accident etc.) is more accurate than a man-given first name at the moment of your birth.


    Throughout your life, people give you names such a nick-name or a name of marriage. Nick-names are probably even more accurate than your given name at birth, since your friends unconsciously derive that name from your general demeanour and nature as they see it in the real world.


    Naming is everywhere in life! You give yourself a business name, a pet’s name, sometimes name your house “melody hill” or even grant yourself a new legal name. I name my cars!


    When I was at university, I changed my first name from Peter to Zachary, for many reasons… one of which was the influence of mystical Sufi writers. A name has subtle yet constant power over you that accumulates over time, this snowballing effect is enormous. Both the Sufi and Judaic traditions teach this psycho-spiritual effect of names. I recommend the writings of Hazrat Inayat Kahn if you wish to learn more about the awesome power of personal names. These two spiritual traditions see the first and last name as a heavy imprint on your life and personality.


    I met a guy when I was playing in rock bands at age 18, after the first time I met him, I told several of my friends that he’s the most impressive person I’ve ever met. I said “watch all the doors open for this person, everywhere they will go, opportunities will open”. I was saying this soul’s personality will beckon a fate of grace. Within one year he was a mini-celebrity working for our town’s biggest radio station. Within 3 years he was a host of the nation’s biggest TV show. He then enjoyed a long career as a major TV star: a celeb. He was a Jewish guy, raised with typical Jewish values. I believe it was his Jewish upbringing, the spirituality imprinted into this young man that lead to such a startling benevolent energy that I emanated in his early twenties. Now I tell you this story, not to impress you with my psychic faculty, nor teach you the Sufi principle that you receive the perfect energy reflection of the energy that you emanate but to talk about names and the middle Eastern approach to naming. Although he was a household name with money, status, power and fame, he had a drinking problem. By mid-life he consulted a Jewish rabbi or scholar and was given a new first name to address this ailment.


    The power of naming is great. Letters and the words they make, have an influence over us. Do you want to change your destiny like I did when I was 18? Change your name, or at least your nickname that people refer to you by. It becomes the name that think of yourself as, on a subconscious or even unconscious level of self-perception. At that deeper level, the way you see yourself is awesomely powerful. It’s like a spiritual perfume that pervades everything you do, say and think.


    For centuries, top Jewish scholars have fervently studied the ancient alphabets, searching for a real alpha-numero pattern. They are still busy looking for the pattern that I will disclose to you in this book you’re about to read. Why are the Jewish scholars so keen to uncover a pattern, in intelligent “order” or code with the building blocks of words? Well, it offers not only the power to re-name a person accurately and for their betterment, it offers a step toward uttering the true name of God. To utter the true name of God is to automatically call upon that great spirit into presence around you in order to bless an object or heal.


    These Jewish scholars see a potential pattern in letters as a key of keys, which it is not. The real key of keys is the pattern in numbers, not letters. When you crack the numbers first, which will take decades, then the alphabet can be decoded in mere hours. If you try doing it the other way around (letters first) then you’ll be completely bamboozled by the puzzle for centuries, just like top Jewish academics in recent centuries.


    The name of God is more likely to be a number, rather derived from an ancient human alphabet. And maybe God doesn’t wish to be named.


    GOD - the unnamed

    MAN - the namer

    THINGS - the named


    Is a rose still a rose by any other name? Yes it is, yet the name that scientists claim we pretty much arbitrarily ascribe to something may not be as perfectly arbitrary as you may first assume. We may be unconsciously choosing the semi-right name. Does the word make the meaning or the meaning make the word? The sound of the name does then influence both the namer and named, albeit subtlety.


    As you can see, there are multiple dimensions in the making of words.



    The physical object itself, what people mean when they say “a rose is still a rose by any other name”. Most people think one-dimensionally, so they stop at this level and never think about any other levels of life.



    The label by which we refer to it, e.g. “rose”. The linguistic convention. The word expresses our “idea” of something.



    the idea of a rose can be very different to the physical truth of the rose itself. The intellectual conception of a thing.




    Why did we notice this thing? Why did we separate it from all other things to which it’s directly or indirectly related? Our nature 1) noticed it 2) created it as a separate thing in order for us to then hold it as an idea in our mind and then name it.



    Our human nature didn’t pop into existence out of nothing! There’s some intelligence to the design of life, as we can see in Nature, in the physical world (and the universe) that surrounds us. There is an order to nature, a structure, implying an intelligent creator of some kind.


    Okay, so this leaves us with a hierachy:


    1. god created numbers

    2. numbers created nature

    3. nature created sounds

    4. sounds created letters

    5. letters created words

    6. words created humans

    7. humans created each other


    I say words created humans because words affect humans. Our creation ends up creating us. Without our sophisticated language system, we’d just be another relatively unconscious animal, rather than a self-aware creature known as a “human”.


    There should be an 8th point:


    8. humans in their love affair with their own self-awareness, denied god’s existence and pretended that everthing in existence just strangely appeared like “poof” and something arose from pure nothingness. A miracle! The most ridiculous miracle you could ever ask anyone to believe in, that something came from nothing and for no reason at all.


    Anyway, let’s leave that discussion of cosmogonic philosophy for another time. Let’s get back to the simple subject of naming that’s nowhere need as simple as people regard it as.



    - our own deepest nature influences our formation of an alphabet

    - our own deepest nature influences our formation of each word

    - a word then has a sound that influences us on an unconscious level

    - a word often has a meaning that influences us on an unconscious level


    Letters form words and word are not just words. They are ideas, they are our constructs that have a life of their own and then come back and influence us even though we were their creator.


    To understand those dimensions properly, we’ll need to hold the key of keys to navigate our way to a true understanding of letters, sounds and the effect thereof upon the human consciousness. That’s why the Jewish, the people with the highest average IQ on this planet are so avidly trying to uncover a secret key hidden in the alphabet. They aren’t sure if the key is in the words, as unconsciously selected by a human mind that was made in God’s image, or numbers. I can assure you that the key is in numbers and mildly reflected in our alphabet. It may be mild yet that mildness has a real effect and thus real usefulness in your life.


    Several years ago when I found the ‘key of keys’, the secret pattern of numbers, I was not really shocked to discover that numerology is in fact real. It always felt intuitively likely that God is at least partly a mathematician and that our place of reality has laws based on number. Science has discovered that our reality has laws based on number, in fact, so many laws that science now sees number as the no.1 contender for the true language of the universe.


    Then several years later when the keys of keys then unlocked the alphabet, I was truly shocked to discover the alpha-numerology is real. Numerology as a science seemed highly likely, alpha-numerology not so much. Why? Numbers are universal as a conceptual truth of quantity, whereas our own self-created alphabet of sounds and symbols is really just the outcome of human traditions, cultures and intellectual notions.


    numbers are god-made FIRST ORDER

    letters are man-made SECOND ORDER EFFECT


    That’s one of the reasons I call my great work the “key of keys”. It unlocks everything else, even things you didn’t think it could unlock.


    So the bottom line is that I never expected to be writing this book. A real alpha-numeric code. Who would have thought! I always assumed that I’d write 2 books, one great book on numbers and another fascinating book on planets.


    This book shares with you the real alpha-numerology. Put it to the test and make up your own mind. Proof is in the pudding. Does it work? Does it work in the real world with your friends, family, acquaintances and the celebs you’re familiar with?


    Keep questioning everything,

    Zachary Ziamus