Lets get real here: traditional numerology doesn’t work that well.  Yet it works well enough to indicate that there might be actually something to it. It’s truly amazing that conventional numerology (that you find in all the popular books at the stores) works at all.  Scientists believe that it shouldn’t ever be able to work. That fact that it partially works, more than random statistical probability,  is an outright miracle. It implies:


    • if we ever figure it out properly, it will work unbelievably well

    • there is a hidden spiritual order in numbers

    • to predict the future, there is more than mystical ART in this universe, there is a simple SCIENCE that anyone, regardless of their own psychic talent, can easily use to know the future


    So there’s just enough accuracy in traditional numerology systems to warrant further inquiry. It’s almost as if the basic idea of using numbers is indeed correct, particularly when we use the number within the date of birth, however the meaning of the numbers that we use to interpret are obviously more wrong than right. Meaning the system fails more than it works. The meanings we use are only slightly correct. So the public get bored of the overly “general” interpretation which is evidently a bit too hit and miss when applied in the real world.


    The other great ‘predictive’ science, astrology, offers no such sense of underlying accuracy whatsoever, regardless of the Western of Eastern model you try to employ.


    Apart from the meanings being clearly erroneous, the other big lie in numerology is alpha-numerology. Alpha-numerology is ascribing a letter to a corresponding number. The classical system of A = 1 and B = 2 and so on, never works if you try it out with the people you know or the people you know of (celebs). The alpha-numerous correspondences that all the books parrot from each other, are obviously derived from a horrible first guess penned many years ago. Most authors were just blindly copying the writers who came before them. Nobody seemed to question the trite idea of A is 1 and that means B is 2. Seems like the crude logic of a 6 year old child. The ‘angel’ who told the first author this system was evidently just the author’s imagination talking to himself. If this ridiculously simple system actually worked in worldly application, we’d definitely know by now.


    Conventional numerology and astrology have both been plagued by being too general in nature. Numerology broke all people down into about 9 categories and astrology 12 houses. That makes each category too broad to offer specific interpretations. That’s a lot of different people sharing the same category! I loved the rare numerology books that hit the shelves interpreting all the double-digit numbers from 10 to 99, however the meanings were just someone trying feebly ‘channel’ some truth again. The meanings didn’t work at all. They had the right idea yet couldn’t execute it.


    The universe itself did seem to categorize people into number, yet we didn’t know how to build the formulas nor the ultimate meaning of the number that the formula would produce.


    My approach to numerology is to not build formulas at all, so that I’m not assuming anything. Why pull formulas out of the air? Leave the numbers as they are, don’t break them down until you figure out the meaning each number authentically.


    When I used the key of keys (the real meaning of numbers) in November 2019 to quickly check if there’s any pattern to be detected in the alphabet, I was expecting to find nothing at all. Why would there be? If you consider the meandering history of the alpabet over time, it makes no sense at all.


    I was genuinely surprised when a pattern was found, a pattern clear enough that I simply couldn’t dismiss it. That doesn’t mean that I understand ‘how’ or ‘why’ numbers, as the natural order of things, were able to influence an alphabet. Logically, with humans slowly bringing together an alphabet over centuries in Europe, there was no wise sage with a long white beard who hid the language of the universe into a simple alphabet. The letters came together too slowly for one old sage, in one place, to embed a deeper secret code. So my hypothesis, is that we unconsciously embed the universal order of things into what we create. In other words, God is a “nature” that embeds it without our conscious knowledge.


    Alpha-numerology is subtle yet influential enough to have a measurable impact. If you want something more striking, there is a relationship between 2 planets at the time of birth that foretells, with greater accuracy that a human-given name, the personality of a soul. God’s mind controls the moment you are born. See my book “unlock the planets” if you wish to predict a soul’s personality based on the planetary positions at birth.


    Throughout your life, people give you names such a nick-name or a name of marriage. You give yourself a business name, a pet’s name, sometimes name your house “melody hill” or even grant yourself a new legal name. When I was at university I changed my first name from Peter to Zachary, for many reasons… one of which was the influence of mystical Sufi writers.


    A name has subtle yet constant power over you that accumulates over time, this snowballing effect is enormous. Both the Sufi and Judaic traditions teach this psycho-spiritual effect of names. These two spiritual traditions see the first and last name as a heavy imprint on your life and personality.


    For centuries, top Jewish scholars have fervently studying the ancient alphabets for a real alpha-numero pattern. The pattern that is disclosed in the book you’re about to read. Why are the Jewish scholars so keen to uncover a pattern? It offers not only the power to re-name a person accurately and for their betterment, it offers a step toward uttering the true name of God. To utter the true name of God is to automatically call upon that great spirit to bless an object or heal. They see it as a key of keys, which it is not. When you crack the numbers first over decades, then the alphabet can be decoded in mere hours. Try doing it the other way around and you’ll be completely bamboozled by the puzzle.


    The name of God is more likely to be a number, rather derived from an ancient human alphabet. Maybe God doesn’t wish to be named.


    GOD - the unnamed

    MAN - the namer

    THINGS - the named


    Is a rose is a rose by any other name? Yes it is, yet the name we arbitrarily ascribe to something may not be as perfectly arbitrary as you may first assume. Moreover, the sound of the name does influence both the namer and named albeit subtlety.


    When I found the key of keys, the secret pattern of numbers, I was not shocked to discover that numerology is real. It always felt intuitively likely. When the keys of keys then unlocked the alphabet, I was truly astounded to discover the alpha-numerology is real. Numerology seemed highly likely, alpha-numerology not so much.


    So I never expected to be writing this book. A real alpha-numeric code, who would have thought! I always assumed that I’d write 2 books, one great book on numbers and another interesting book on planets.


    This book shares with you the real alpha-numerology. Put it to the test and make up your own mind. Proof is in the pudding. Does it work? Does it work in the real world with your friends, family, acquaintences and the celebs you’re familiar with?



    Keep questioning everything,

    Zachary Ziamus

    March 2022

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