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    A philosopher is more interested in the acquisition of an underlying Understanding of success rather than any explicit gain of successful outcomes such as money or status.



    A philosopher would rather lose the game to win wisdom

    than win the game and carry no greater wisdom into future games.



    When you are finally able to quieten the fears of your mind,

    the courage of your heart will awaken from dormancy.



    No amount of intellectual brilliance can replace the subconscious ease derived from Practice.



    A loose cannon seldom jams. When that critical moment comes and you need to fire, you’ll wish LOOSENESS was your normal mode of operation. Tightness has its place, so does looseness.



    Those trying to be successful are often focusing on “doing things right”.

    It doesn’t work.

    Instead success is more often the outcome of “doing the right things”.

    You are far better off from "doing the right things" in a mediocre manner than the wrong things with intense vigour.



    In life, what counts is not what happens but how you respond to it.



    Losers console themselves by calling the winner “lucky”.



    To enjoy great levels of success you will first need to become well acquainted with failure.



    Failure can become a permanent state of being if you allow it to slowly solidify over time, this solidification occurs because you were afraid to follow your heart. Success comes to those who believed in their dreams and were willing to try even though they understood failure would keep visiting them again and again until they finally figured out a way to meet with success.



    A day spent making mistakes allows you to start tomorrow with a slightly more intelligent understanding of the problem.

    A day spent doing nothing because you’re scared of making mistakes is just another wasted day.



    You cannot be sincerely grateful for that which you’ve never been deprived of. Let the universe deprive you for a while.



    Here’s the craziest thing about this world:

    Everybody seems so sure that they know what they are doing.

    Almost nobody possessing the courage to work with humility.

    Big talk, puny results.

    Humility will take you directly to a mountain of results.



    Imagine this marriage of opposites:

    • your mind full of unshakeable self-confidence.
    • your heart full of pristine humility



    Whiners are never Winners. The universe would topple in on itself before the Whiners won anything but scorn.



    Anger is a beautiful thing. Without anger, not much ever changes.


    There’s a certain point where you’ve had enough, the moment of anger arrives and a definite decision is finally made. Anger has another name: "the angel of change". Let your anger out, don’t bottle it up. Use it and see it presence as a gift that can transform your life. As long as you don’t take your anger way too far, that is, to violence, it’s a perfect safe tool to employ all of that Anger in your self-development. People tell you not to get angry because they are scared of the confrontation aroused by your anger.



    To think for yourself, first you'll need to block out the assertions of others.

    This is easier said than done, the assertions of others swirl around in your consciousness relentlessly.



    Why do we imagine our future as heroic when our past is mostly a string of embarrassments?

    The lesson of life seems to be centered upon humility and the acceptance of our imperfect self.

    Dream big but at the same time be aware that your future self will laugh at your current self.



    If you can believe in yourself enough, you’ll be able to finally look at your own shortcomings squarely front on. No more shirking, no more “coping”, no more avoidance of what you know to be true yet selectively opted to repress.



    You will win the game of life when you are able to ignore all the other players around you who are madly jostling to win.

    Their jostling is an unrelenting distraction.

    Until you can calm yourself amid all the many idiots around you, it’s going to be very hard to think clearly enough to choose all the right moves.



    He who fails the most will be the one who was most fearful of failing.



    You help the world best when you become your best.



    What is mastery?

    Mastery of anything is the loss of yourself, a loss of consciousness, meaning you can do something without thinking.

    Mastery is simply subconscious ease.



    The most intelligent people admit their personal limitations.

    Continuing to fight with your limitations is how you get stuck in loser-ville.

    To accept them will mean that that you can immediately start to work around them.



    A person with no regrets is a person who still can't see what they did wrong.



    Mastery means a train of thinking has finally stopped. It’s more like it “resolved” back into nothingness again.

    You think about only that which you haven’t mastered.

    It follows then that a perfectly enlightened person would have no thought, just a background awareness of nature moving around them.



    The most sorry state of affairs is to keep focusing on your sorry state of affairs.



    If your environment is tidy, it can help you to you to build tidy things.

    If your environment is exciting, it can help you to build exciting things.


    First build your environment, then use it to build something you want.




    You slow down too much and the bicycle falls over.

    You stop the hand pump for too long, all pressure is lost completely.

    If you ignore the advantage of consistency and momentum.... life becomes hard.



    Mastery is the wielding of great competency without effort.



    Faith in yourself is a virtue, yet alone, it makes you a loser, a “jerk”.

    Humility is a virtue, yet alone, makes you a loser, a “sap”.

    Together these 2 virtues form a balance that makes you a winner.

    Do you possess the strength to hold up both at the same time?



    If you develop great faith in your own potential,

    it may not work,

    unless you temper that confidence with its opposite, humility.

    Faith is seeing the great heights of which you are capable of reaching.

    Humility is being able to recognise the small step that’s right at your feet.

    And so humility is the only way to see what you’re missing…..

    to see the next step toward the goal that’s still quite some distance away.



    Failure shall never ruin your spirit,

    only you can do that…. by letting failure get to you.



    Without all my defeats, how would I finally learn all the skills to “overcome” and score victory?

    There's no great warrior without scars.



    1. Holding genuine pride in how far you’ve already come,


    1. Holding genuine humility in how far you still have to go.


    The secret is always a seemingly conflict of opposites.



    Just as water and light combine to make a rainbow:

    1. self-belief


    1. self-honesty

    will produce an effect of success.

    Light enough to dream of a destination,

    heavy enough to correct your course along the way,

    Both must be present in a balance for beauty to form.



    You are the enemy in any game you play.

    Because you are the game itself.

    Your limiting beliefs will hold you back at every turn.

    You’ll keep losing the “outer” game until you win the inner game.



    If you listened to all the whispers of your heart, you’d succeed faster.

    It whispers all those DOUBTS to you for a reason. Heed them.

    It whispers all those micro EXCITEMENTS to you for a reason. Heed them too.

    People fail for ignorance of their own subtle intuitions.

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