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    Life is more an emotional reconciliation of your repeated internal states,

    than some long long tale of external circumstance.



      There is an entire eco-system of “spirits” inside you. The spirit that can hurt you the most is not some nasty person in the outer physical world, it’s actually the side of yourself that constantly doubts you and is working at every critical juncture to undermine the gathering of your many spirits of faith.



      Haste is a waste of life.

      When you feel rushed, you have already failed.

      When feel stressed, you have already failed.


      A seemingly highly intelligent creator has constructed this mundane reality as a living system that automatically punishes you whenever you approach life from a wrong perspective. Anxiety is your teacher. To listen to this teacher, all you'll ever need to do is quickly cut the sources of your anxiety out of your life. Ruthlessly cut!



      It is not what happens in life that counts, but how you react to it. What is real is your perceived interpretation and not the actual event.



      Is there any great humor that isn't pregnant with truth?
      Is there any great truth that isn’t laden with divine humor?

      Humor and Truth make for strange bedfellows

      Contemplation upon this spiritual puzzle ultimately leads to an appreciation that a highly intelligent creator has designed "all punishment as self-punishment".



      1. Wisdom comes from pondering long enough.
      2. Pondering long enough comes from being able to face yourself for long enough.
      3. Facing yourself for long enough is possible only with a clean conscience.

      Every time that you betray your conscience, you're incrementally poisoning your soul.



      Recklessness is a beautiful spiritual trait.

      Intelligence is a beautiful spiritual trait.

      Alone, neither affords you permanent residential status into residing within a sublime spiritual state.

      It's those who can combine those two spiritual traits, who become intelligently reckless, who are awarded a rare grace. It's like a loose cannon that knows precisely where to direct its aim.



      What is the wisest thing you can do? Regularly take some time to reflect on your own death. That means:


      • consider the speed at which your available time remaining will pass
      • be honest about what you want to do with those units of time
      • be intensely aware of the natural tendency for you to waste copious amounts of time when fate brings her seasons of discomfort to unsettle your composure.



      In non-physical worlds, to make it happen... you let it happen.
      In physical worlds, to make it happen... you really gotta make it happen.



      Phony teachers are those who take secret delight in their own superiority over their students who have less experience.

      Genuine teachers are happy to put themselves below and are as patient as they need to be into order to help their student up.



      To question the mainstream media narrative is to engage in an act of Science.

      Those who are busy questioning the questioner, are the willful subverters of Science.


      The science must stand and squarely answer the question.

      Attacking the questioner is the most malevolant of subversions.



      To question is smart, to mock the questioner is dumb. Here’s why: there’s no dumb questions, only dumb assumptions. To think is to doubt, to avoid all further thinking is to relegate yourself to blind acceptance. Science, humankind’s pinnacle intellectual achievement, is simply the art of incessant questioning. Contrary to popular belief, there is no end to the questioning. All answers must endure questioning until the end of time. To be immune from all questioning is something we call Faith, not science. Only zealots fear the scrutiny of the questioner. These pitiful Zealots found kneeling at the altar of acceptance deserve to be questioned until they at least rise from such intellectual indolence.



      Science is the decoding of the universe by experiment and deduction.

      Mysticism is sending different types of love to the great universal intelligence.


      If you send enough love, sooner or later you’ll receive back a subtle spiritual fragrance in return. Eventually you’ll start downloading a fragrance even before you intended to upload love.



      If you believe that you can talk to God, you can. God's universal computer doesn’t talk in words though, preferring a medium of ‘impression’. An impression is like a word yet far more richly multi-dimensional. To receive an impression, present something and then note the momentary multi-layered response. God loves to respond, seldom ever initiates. The response itself from the universal computer is never slowly sequential, it will be a single moment that comprises more than 5 simultaneous layered "tints" of the overall impression. This is the process of being 'psychic'.




      Ask that you may be able to find a little more strength so that you may save yourself.

      Every other prayer is a form of self-pity that only digs that ditch inside your own conscience just a little deeper.



      When you open your physical eyes, the great “distance” between different human minds seems substantial. However, after closing your eyes, during that relaxed state of mind just before sleep, the distance between minds reduces to zero.

      As you conscious mind slows down, your subconscious mind speeds up enough to:

      1. touch any other mind
      2. you can read any other mind
      3. you can implant thoughts to any other mind



      How do you make a God smile?

      Stand up for the goodness inside you when others come to rip it out of you.



      You won’t need to keep asking for God’s blessing when you find the faith in yourself that can automatically keep blessing yourself.



      What’s the worst that could happen? You could die. You are 100% certain of dying anyway. Death is what puts the life into life. Death is a gift to you, remembrance of your physical demise means you’re far less likely to squander the gift.



      The road to greatness isn’t particularly rough nor the road that long, however it must be walked alone. If you feel the need to elicit the support of a friend, frankly you’re not ready to embark. The spiritual path demands that you support yourself. Spirituality is the truth that arises from a journey of aloneness.



      Community is for human monkeys to feel safer together, as a pack.

      God speaks to the man or woman who is alone.


      Society: is monkey town, beating of chests and hanging off the tallest tree as an organizing hierarchy.

      An experience of God: an internal conversation, enacted in the spirit of humility, with an intelligence beyond your own.



      Faith is not just the King of all internal traits, it is a God of the inner worlds.

      Faith is a god living inside you.

      With just a little store faith it seems an apparition,

      yet for those of great faith it becomes more influential to their consciousness

      than than the loudpassing circus of the material world.



      How do you speak with the Highest Intelligence in this universe?

      Believe you can.

      In metaphysics, all worlds beyond the physical, what is possible is proportional to your faith.

      Ther’s no greater blessing than faith, but faith’s full name is Self Faith.

      This blessing cannot ever be granted to you unless you first grant it to yourself.



      If you are distressed by being alone, you are not just an ‘extrovert’ you’re also a spiritual child. Still a babe in the intellectual wilderness. God bless the introverts, those who experience a heightened sense of self-consciousness, even though it is an undoubtedly wretched condition, this proclivity to introversion also represents a kind of spiritual ladder. It might even be the one and only way of ascending the spiritual planes of life. The loud extroverted people wandering around near the bottom of the ladder can’t even see the ladder that’s right in front of them. They’ll see it when they are ready to see it, look within and place a foot on the first rung.



      Women seem to think that we’re all just ‘role-playing’ wherever we go. Maybe they’re right. Maybe life is series of ornamental sets, mere environmental backdrops, in front of which we all find ourselves swept into a condition of pretence, an environment forcing us to become something that we really aren’t. If that’s the case, then spirituality is finding enough courage to walk off the set if only for a few moments to live authentically, regardless of any ensuing consequence, for at least in those few moments will allow our selves to be True.



      To bridge the chasm between yourself and god, prayer will not suffice, no matter how solemn,

      Allow your body to dance in appreciation for any beauty you sense,

      or if movement of your fleshly shell seems too frivolous for your sober soul,

      allow your heart celebrate beauty no matter how trivial this source of beauty seems to those around you.


      The strangest part of life is that deepest meaning tends to spring forth from a seemingly inane source.

      Most people ignore the call to grace and simply pass it by.

      Your fear of being labelled an “idiot” prevents you from ever getting in touch with something of the highest meaning.



      People are too busy talking... to ever listen to themselves.

      There will be hardly any spiritual progress and no ultimate spiritual liberation when you constantly busy yourself enough to ignore the call from within.

      Quit talking so incessantly to the outer world, start listening to your inner world.



      Emotionally, we grow up with each experience of guilt.

      Spiritually, we erode ourselves with each experience of guilt.

      Death is beautiful because it is a full release of your stockpile of guilt.



      If your enemy scanned your psyche remotely, looking for your most evident weakness to be exploited, what would they find?

      Which metaphysical scar never seems to heal?

      Sometimes I think that our higher selves in the spirit plane do this constantly and then arrange circumstances in the future to bring forth the exact form of healing we need.



      On your deathbed there’s going to be a couple of questions:

      1. Did you stick up for yourself?
      2. Did you stick up for what you believe in?

      Stand up now before it’s too late.



      The louder the person is in a social environment,

      the greater their level of insecurity.

      People at peace with themselves are by nature peaceful with others.



      Those looking to be “right” never seem to attract the right results.

      Those looking for the truth of themselves, tend to be right by default.

      so it is that a direct path to righteousness leads you to a brick wall.

      In that case you’ll find yourself being repelled because you are repulsive to all.

      So get right with yourself before you seek to be right with the outer world.



      The fact that you can re-direct your attention at any moment means that you have a soul. You are more than a mind. You can control your own mind. Now who is the controller? That’s the real you, a soul. Your mind then is seen as merely a tool, just like your teeth or your hand. Do not worship the mind: see it for what it is, an instrument that must be directed constantly by your spiritual Will. Just as the perspective of your eyes can often mislead, so too the perspective your mind can mislead. Appreciate the limits of your mind and realize that without strong guidance of your Soul’s Will, the mind is really just is an autocratic idiot.



      Spirituality is quite straight-forward, it really just boils down to what matters on your deathbed, that is, what has some meaning when you’re about to lose everything physical. Not much will really matter, only the smallest fraction of all the stuff you thought you cared about. This narrow band of meaning is astonishingly narrow. If you can become aware of that specific slither, well before you reach your deathbed, it will allow the conscious exclusion of all the rest, leading to a state of sublime grace. Exclusion is the way, after you’ve finally finished with inclusion.



      A mind lacking in intelligence concludes that death.... makes life perfectly meaningless.

      A mind brimming with intelligence concludes that death.... makes life perfectly meaningful.

      And so it is that we always find that life is such a simple system:

      You get out of life only what you can appreciate.

      If you can’t appreciate death, you’ll never be able to appreciate life.



      The person's education is finished once they can’t find anything else worth reading. This takes many years.

      Now they're ready to write.



      The universe is designed in such a way as that every mind that tries to deceive to gain, shall gain only a deception of themselves.



      If I was God for a day, I would ask souls after physical death a single question and watch them judge themselves, “did you back yourself all the way, and I mean ALL the way, or did you let yourself down by treading the waters of fear?”



      A lifetime spent in service to others will be meaningless in the end.

      Life was a conversation with yourself, you either listened to your truest self or you didn’t.

      Find what’s meaningful to you, let others do the same. You serve others best when you serve yourself. Only serve others when they are truly unable to serve themselves.





      There’s some meaning in life from BEAUTY.

      This meaning is available through ‘appreciation’ and also its offspring CREATVITY.

      The creative capacity is provided within your natural right of individual FREEDOM.


      Firstly, you are bestowed with the freedom to appreciate beauty.

      Secondly you possess the spiritual gift to create something of beauty.

      Or thirdly, you impose upon yourself a lack of meaning by engaging in neither.


      So you are FREE to CREATE some BEAUTY,

      and thus your plight is perfectly fair,

      in that all meaning is self-given.


      And that’s why you can only ever rob yourself of meaning,

      because you are endowed with a capacity to endow yourself.

      Your state is one of free Will, that always bestows upon you a choice.


      In this way, you can come to understand that the meaning of life is simply:

      the choice of meaning that you ascribe to it.

      The Great Intelligence Of Life won’t ever force any meaning upon you.


      You get to put some meaning into life.

      And so ironically you ARE the God that you wish to blame.

      Blame no more, look to yourself to set yourself free.



      All the greatest intelligences of the universe are available to you for consultation, free of charge, the cost is only that: you must believe they are. Use the 15 minutes in bed before you fall asleep, or after you awake, that when your mind can effortlessly access the wisdom of external intelligence without being nagged by your own.



      The bridge between a life of suffering and one of grace is long and supported by a thousand pillars of “pondering”. The payoff is living in a state of grace.



      To get in touch with your spirit is to be alone.

      To be alone is to ponder.

      To ponder is to ask “why”.

      To ask “why” is to philosophize.

      Ask why long enough and you become wise.



      The meaning of life is:

      the choice of meaning you ascribe to it.


      Life doesn't force meaning upon you.

      You get to put some meaning into life.



      A scientist tries to understand ‘how’ the world works.

      A philosopher tries to understand ‘why’ the world works that way.



      Psychic impressions never come directly from the exact direction at which your mind is looking at the time upon your mental auditoriusm. The real impressions always come in from the side. The real impressions come streamingly suddenly forward as a ‘batch’ from a source well away from your central core focus. Never trust an impression that comes at you front on, directly, especially if its alone. Your conscious mind talks to you front on, squarely, based on a manual focus. Your unconscious mind talk to you from the side, from the periphery, these impressions come automatically and their subject matter is often wholly unrelated to the matter you were wishing to to focus on. These real impressions rarely come as a long, solitary impression, there will be 2, 3 or even 4 in the same moment, coming from left of stage, or right.



      For your niceness that you extend to others to be felt as genuine,

      your niceness that you extend to yourself must first be genuine.



      When the heart is honest,

      the words tend to be earnest,

      and your soul becomes ‘clear’ to the Greatest Intelligence.

      This clarity of spirit, is like a clean slate….

      it allows you to live peacefully with yourself in grace,

      instead of swimming against the many subtle waves of your own shame.



      This world is not perfect,

      you experience some harm so that you may course correct.

      So it is perfect in the end, yet feels imperfect during the process.

      the perfection of imperfection is as close to perfection as you’re going to get.



      The closer you get to death, the more intelligent you naturally become. You can see what is important and what is irrelevant. Without death, life becomes a long wandering meaningless path of idiotic blindness. Thank the universe each day for your inexorable death.

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