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    3 Dimensional Thinking

    3 Dimensional Thinking

    1 reviews
    - the best of Zachary Ziamus
    - all of his most beautiful writing
    - his advanced observations of life
    - a full collection of short sayings
    - easy to read with only 70 pages
    - book is not available at stores
    - no kindle version available
    - digital ebook in the cloud
    - you can read immediately
    - recently released 2021
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    Unlock The Geometry

    Unlock The Geometry

    - how numbers interact with each other
    - which numbers balance each other
    - which numbers are opposites
    - the 3 primary systems of life
    - the most fundamental duality of life
    - why mushroom shapes are important
    - does not include number meanings
    - no meanings = no interpretations
    - online ebook: 27 pages, 2000 words
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    Unlock The Alphabet

    Unlock The Alphabet

    - convert any letter to its real number
    - a new model of alpha-numerology
    - only one of the letters is true zero
    - zero point is neither A or Z
    - does not include number meanings
    - no meanings = interpretations hard
    - comes with an online software app
    - app translates typing into numbers
    - you will receive a password for app
    - app makes easy to use the method
    - online ebook: 80 pages
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    Unlock The Planets

    Unlock The Planets

    - only 3 planets are clock hands
    - this is just one pattern discovered
    - pattern suggests a new astrology model
    - does not include number meanings
    - no meanings = interpretations hard
    - helps predict top of US equity markets
    - cannot predict any bottoms yet
    - comes with an online software app 
    - receive a password for the app
    - app makes it easy to use the method
    - app creates a table of data + chart
    - online ebook: 79 pages
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    Key of Keys deposit

    Key of Keys deposit

    - the magnum opus of Zachary Ziamus
    - a book that took 15 years to write
    - the meaning of numbers 0 - 9
    - an insight into god's thoughts
    - the entire number system revealed
    - book not sent until N.D.A. signed
    - payment after deposit US $39100
    - the hidden order of nature
    - the language of the universe
    - write in nature's language
    - read nature's language
    - a coherent system of physics
    - use it to unlock other systems
    - numerology that actually works
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    Your Body Can Talk

    Your Body Can Talk

    How can you bypass the bias of your own conscious mind enough to allow the physical body to speak freely?

    This app fills your screen with large boxes. In each box is large text. The text in all boxes in the exact same word, a natural supplement. The type of natural supplement randomly changes every 2 seconds. The color of the text blends into the background so well that you just can't quite detect the individual letters or the word itself. Although your conscious mind can't quickly decipher an 'almost' invisible word within 2 seconds, your subconscious mind can effortlessly decipher the text.

    So all you have to do (apart from keep looking at the screen) is hold a simple intention for your body to twitch a finger whenever it sees a substance it wants. So you just need to keep one hand in relaxed position that allows any finger to move easily. And your other hand needs to ready to rapidly click whenever a twitch occurs.

    Online app (3 year license)
    NOTE: since this is a highly unconventional health related technology, you'll need to sign a legal disclaimer to indemnify both author and publisher, before we'll email you a password to access the app.
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