Joy comes from even the slightest progress toward your true purpose.



    In which activity, when engaged deeply in its process do you have a feeling that suggests “there’s nothing else I should be doing”.

    That may well be your life purpose.



    In which specific area are your STANDARDS seemingly higher than virtually anybody else that you know of?

    Therein resides your purpose.

    Not quite that advanced yet?

    In which specific area is your ENTHUSIASM seemingly higher than virtually anybody else that you know of?

    Therein resides your purpose.



    What is your purpose? You've found your purpose when you genuinely start to think that the deeper joy is in the work, not the result of it. Do you find joy in the process itself or only in the outcome of the process?



    What could stop us in life if we just muted that little voice in our heads which speaks of nothing but excuses?



    The unwritten rule drilled into you by parents and teachers: “don’t think you’re better”

    The universal rule of achieving great success: “think you’re better”


    When a student becomes an adult, they just can't flick a switch to rectify 20 years of subconscious programming.



    In those years before you attend school, your parents tell you to “pipe down”

    Each year of schooling, the teachers tell you to “pipe down”.


    After you’ve been repeatedly told to “pipe down” for almost 20 years during those chapters of life that are your most psychologically vulnerable, you enter the “real world” of adult life. Once you enter the adult world, an environment of extreme competition, it will become clear to you that all of the large rewards are won by those who have the ability to “pipe up”. You've be pre-programmed to fail.



    The only redeeming product of traditional schooling systems is the social realization that wanting others to like and respect you for who you are on the inside, is a futile endeavor. That lesson alone serves you well for life. You can get on with your purpose without another thought wasted on acquiring the good opinion of others.



    Effortlessness is the only way to be consistently accurate. Effortlessness can only arise out of a mastery of the process.



    You need so much self-belief that you'll actually start to worry that other people will perceive you as arrogant.

    No less than this kind of lofty altitude of self-belief will work to fly you to the heights of greatness.


    Don't be scared to be labelled as arrogant. You'll also need to "go too far". Let them tell you that you are being ridiculous. Hold to your ridiculous high standards and hold to that belief in yourself. You need an abundance of inner self-belief more than you need an abundance of any worldly resource such as money. If you're truly obsessed, you'll have checks on yourself to ensure you are worthy of the merit that you afford yourself. Become more obsessed than anyone alive in your art or subject, dive deeper and deeper and refuse to back off. The world will thank you later, much later.



    Real strength is not physical, it’s the spiritual willingness to undertake what others suppose as IMPOSSIBLE, regardless of how daunting it would appear to be. The strong are the spiritually dauntless.



    How to shackle yourself into an ongoing state of mediocrity:

    wake up each day and believe that you are no better than anyone, at anything.



    The most grandiose dreams are the way to reward yourself.

    Small “realistic” dreams are the way you punish yourself.



    Shine like a star and then all you have to do is stay away from people who are like the black holes who burnt out long ago.... sucking you into their own miserable oblivion.



    Those who don’t find much joy in Work,

    usually find a trifle of joy in food.

    Health is seeing food as sustenance,

    rather than a source of pleasure.

    Work is the “well” in well-being.

    Food is just the “being”

    Your hours in the garden are better...

    than stuffing that garden into your belly.

    Eat only enough to keep working.

    So don't work so that you may eat,

    Just eat so that you may work.



    Major intellectual discoveries are made only by people with mental toughness, there’s no club in the world that is more elite. The level of persistence required to join this exclusive club is completely off the chart. You become an aberration in a world of human parasites. This species of parasite are called “talkers”. Those who love to “do” prefer not to spend their time “talking about doing”.



    People who admire others with great social skills are essentially creating a group of ‘talkers’ like a big circle jerk. Your chit chat is not getting anything done, you are all just sitting around talking to each other about getting things done. Nobody is getting anything done. It’s sitting, standing, talking.


    Then there’s the autist alienated in the corner, who only knows how to ignore everybody and is getting a lot done. Progress is made by loners. The supposed ‘cool’ cats are off giving each other trophies, of both the literal and metaphorical kind, just so that they can all feel good about themselves without enduring the burden of toil that Merit demands.


    Their lips keep moving while their hands make nothing.

    The smile is wide yet their achievement list is null.

    They’ve pleased everybody enough to be liked but genuinely helped no-one at all.

    Their mind is ever so swift to chase simple glee, whilst their heart remains bare of anything other than scorn for itself.



    When people retire and finally have time to do anything they want, they normally choose some activity of the creative kind. This innate tendency points to the meaning of life.



    There’s definitely something worse than being dumb, it’s living in fear. Fear makes you dumber than dumb…. it spiritually paralyzes you.

    A dumb person can be of good spirit.

    Now consider the future of a world in which live their lives cowering in their own dungeon of fear.

    Cast off your cloak of fear, live your hours in the light of your true self.



    Spiritually you don’t owe anything to anyone:

    • you owe everything to yourself
    • you owe it to yourself to abide by your highest conception of self regardless of the moral postulations of the culture that you’re immersed in



    To flourish in life you don’t really need any respect from others but you will need the respect that you grant yourself.

    Problem is, you can’t lie to yourself for long, so it’s going to need to be genuine.



    Great souls like Newton or Tesla or Nietzsche don’t have a great love affair with other souls, their love is dedicated to fulfilling their own soul’s deepest potential. There’s nothing wrong with shunning the idiocy of the common man. Did a great human mind ever present a great gift to humanity without such shunning, at least in part yet usually in whole?



    Leaders are soon forgotten. Power claimed for the sake of power alone casts no influence on all the generations that come after. Political and business leaders establish no legacy. Legacy is an achievement of the spirit, it’s derived from the work of an individual who toils alone through hours and hours of frustration as they grapple for the attainment of their dream. Centuries will pass and the people will still honour the artists, scientists and philosophers. Here’s what lives on:

    • the great beauty of an artist
    • the great discovery of a scientist
    • the great wisdom of a philosopher



    You won’t allow yourself to be a “bigshot” because of what others might think. If this too often aptly describes yourself, then don’t go complaining to God about your lowly life of dreariness that’s almost completely devoid of success and meaning. Greatness demands that you rise above the need for the good opinion of others. You must find your own feet and walk your own path.



    God wants for you…

    What you want for yourself

    But you must be able to give it to yourself

    God created you to create

    You were gifted the power to make yourself as you wish

    Deny the gift and you flounder

    Employ the gift and you flourish

    Realize that power that you hold

    Wield it without apology

    Become exactly who you want to be



    The pull to moderation is how you end up as a ‘sell-out’. Be obsessed or be pathetic. Obsession is the embodiment of greatness. It’s not about “curiosity” which is a lame ideal that reeks of mildness, it’s about an utter abandon into an ever-rising cloud of intemperance. Get lost into a higher and higher level of standards that are WELL beyond normal, that’s how you escape a destiny of dullness.



    It’s all meaningless, ever so perfectly meaningless. . .

    until you make some meaning.

    Your role is not to find some meaning but to create it.

    The search finally stops once you start building the answer you really wanted.




    A man is becoming god-like when he prefers to have more enemies than less.

    When he transcends the pitiful pull toward self-preservation.

    When he is just as happy to die as to live.

    When the palpable sense of risk is no longer kept at some distance away, but is now as close as the sweat on his skin.


    Such a man than is more than an ordinary man and thus should not be reckoned with by souls with an ordinary degree of Will. He takes no backward step yet remains both measured and sure in his approach toward what he wants. Power is great when unafraid of itself. He claims what is rightfully his, without asking permission. He doesn't breathe just to please, he breathes to make claim. Greatness cannot be beckoned by caprice or slowly cajoled by a yearning mind, it must be seized by a self that believes in itself. If deep and heartfelt, this belief becomes God-like.... and nature makes way.


    No weapon is mighty as the heart perfected in its faith. An emotion of 'conviction' may waver then fall, whilst the true faith of your spirit only grows stronger as it meets with resistance.



    The weakest man gives up his intention within a day.

    The strongest man can follow through on his intention for decades, no matter how bleak progress may appear to be, he stays in the fight.

    And that means that the difference between the weak man and the strong man is not strength but Faith.

    Muscles are for posers, Faith is for the real trail-blazers.

    Faith can overcome anything if it never wavers, that’s why we know there’s an intelligent designer to this universe. That’s a very nice design, perfect you could even say. And logically we can say that perfection is rarely, if ever, an accident.



    Boys pursue girls.

    Men pursue respect.

    Ubermensch pursue self-respect.



    People seem to think that heroic courage is about fighting bad guys.

    Let me assure you the baddest guy of them all is YOU.

    The courage to pursue your dreams is the finest kind of courage you can show.



    You can use this lifetime to walk a path of naked authenticity, or you can keep crawling pitifully through this entire lifetime on your knees because you're so weighed down by the many layers of clothed pretense.



    Only the willing fool discovers.



    What is the purpose of life?

    There’s some real meaning to be derived from the exercise of your creativity.



    Greatness can be won if you’re willing to climb over the fences that will call ‘convention’, and wander into unknown territory. Expect to walk that journey alone.



    Life is all about self-respect.

    Build a mountain of it and you’ll just keep on winning.

    Build none of it and you’ll just keep on losing.

    It’s interesting that Nature asks you to serve yourself.



    What are old people so lame?

    Because they’re been weakened for so long resting on a bed of their own excuses.



    Some types of work can you replenish you as well as rest.

    Find that work and you’ll find your purpose.



    A new house may make you happier for a while, but not permanently happy.

    A new car may make you happier for a while, but not permanently happy.

    Only progress toward your true purpose can make you permanently happy.

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