The majority of people find any silly excuse to be unhappy. It's just as easy to find any silly excuse to be happy.



    The moments of your life when you felt truly alive were probably those few times that were willing to LET-GO enough to wander without aim.



    Children are large vessels of joy.

    Adults are small vessels of joy.

    Children should be spoken to with a touch of reverence, not the common disdain you hear in houses as you walk through suburbia. A child's mind may be flippant yet their heart is whole. The kids are so new here in the material plane that they still have one foot in the spirit world. Adults are the ones with decayed hearts. A child's heart is whole and their mind almost empty, it's the exact state of being that wise old sages are aiming for.



    Adults aren’t emotionally mature.

    Adults aren’t intellectually mature.

    Adults are just lethargic from the reproductive hormones circulating in their physical body. People mistake this physical lethargy for emotional maturity. All adults are just lazier types of children with extra body hair.



    When you’re a boy, the teachers keep berating you until the charm falls out of your heart.

    As a man, all the women want from you - romantically speaking - is that alluring boyish charm that still resides in your heart.



    Success depends on your willingness to take risks. Risk taking is more likely to be undertaken by those who have sufficient energy to carry an emotional load. That’s why success is fundamentally rooted in neoteny. It’s the “enterprise of youth” that is still extending well into the adult years. It’s a refusal to be sedated by normalcy nor numbed by the pull of moderation by 'maturity'. Success stems from the energetic well-spring of youth that has been able to continue beyond the early years of biological youth.



    There's no happiness found in making others happy. That's fool's gold. That's taking the easy way out. If you want happiness that is sourced from somewhere deeper than your own self-aggrandizement and virtue signalling, it's time to throw out all of your social programming as a good little moral robot and ask yourself as the individual that the Creator made: what makes you happy? Abandon all pre-conceived notions of morality and goodness and only then pose this spiritual question to yourself.



    To sharpen the mind, clear the mind and let it sharpen itself.

    It sharpens best when you hold no intention to sharpen.



    If you don't take yourself seriously, nobody else will either.

    Yet each day still needs some sprinkling of lighthearted moments of play.



    Stop trying to convince others that you’re interesting and start convincing yourself.

    Boring yourself is a way of gradually killing yourself.



    With each fake smile you tarnish your soul. To polish your soul once more, smile only when you want to.



    What worries me is when a person doesn’t seem to have the intellectual horsepower to construct an joke spontaneously. That’s a critically low level of intellectual power. That means they are basically a dumb-dumb, a follower, destined to obsequiously follow protocol their whole life long without ever an independent thought to interrupt their trance of pristine ignorance. No matter which way you look at it, this degree of ineptitude is somehow related to an ignorance of self. Ignorance of self could more accurately be referred to as an avoidance of self and that is always an outcome of some trauma in the person’s past. Until they face the wound and consciously heal it, their intellectual capacity seems to be diminished. Ample humour is a sign of good psychological health.



    Joke minds don’t have enough IQ to make up jokes.

    Serious minds can easily spray jokes all over the conversation.


    The class clown is not an idiot, he’s just acting like one and it’s a clear sign of raw intelligence.



    Adults often think that their intellectual maturity compared to that of children justifies talking down to the children.


    Here’s another way of looking at it: children’s strong emotional health compared to adults means that adults should be the group to demonstrate some humility and remind themselves of the great beauty of those "pure of heart". The pure of heart emanate a resplendent beauty. Most adult hearts are broken, of course some are more broken than others, yet broken nonetheless. When your spirit is emancipated from your body, upon the moment of death or during a deep meditative state, you’ll immediately realize that your spirit deems your emotional well-being to be about 1000 times more important than any complexity of intellect you have accumulated.


    Becoming old is not the way to heal the young. From a spiritual perspective there’s absolutely nothing wrong with youth and hell-of-a-lot wrong when youth has been lost through a series of emotional scars. Maybe your could ask children about how to heal your old adult heart. They’ll say things like “it’s okay to be silly, have some fun”. The sage has healed their own grumpy old heart and spends life playing as a child.



    The people working on fascinating projects think of food as fuel. They eat to fuel their play.

    The rest of the people tend to be foodies. They are playing with food. They're at risk of becoming fat, meaning once obese they won't be able to find the energy to work at all.

    The downward spiral always works to trap you well away from ever engaging in an upward spiral.




    when you want what you already have and find yourself considering only the smallest inflections of change.



    The happiest people are happy because they know what they don’t need.

    Happiness springs more from a lack of trouble than an explicit gain of triumph.

    Wisdom allows you to avoid most sources of trouble.



    You’re here to play and when you play you’ll automatically Create and when you create then it’s only a matter of time before Beauty is formed.

    When beauty is formed, God smiles upon its creator.



    Health is the prime value among all the many valuables.

    Even the currency of time is of no use when Health has abandoned you.



    If you wake in the morning to two working eyes and working limbs, rejoice for it’s your birthday. You’ve been born again.



    Normies will normally chose to deride a playful adult.

    That’s okay, Life will punish the wooden-ness of the normies.

    The reward for conformity shall be an ever-so-steady erosion of self.

    It's a downward spiral in which their affliction continues to worsen over time.



    I can’t stand it when people treat children as second class citizens.

    All children are is "knowledge-deprived" and that’s a blessing, not a curse.



    You’ve arrived when:

    you can “sleep in” for as long as you want

    every day of the week if you want

    for as many weeks as you want.



    A person with real inner strength finds it easy to say “sorry”.

    The strength comes from humility.

    Humility comes from being intelligent to realize you aren’t that intelligent.



    The more I have faith in God, the more God places a faith into me, into my heart, and the more my behaviour could easily be misconstrued as demonstrating the liberty of a nihilistic atheist. Oh, the irony. He with the utmost faith comes across as the same recklessness as he with the least faith. Each end of the spectrum, although being perfect opposites, demonstrates the same properties.



    Happiness comes to the mind that has let go,

    not the mind that is straining for it.



    A better word for ‘mind’ would be ‘strain’.

    There’s a larger subconscious mind hiding behind your conscious mind which works effortlessly.



    Maybe life is a long series of challenges and disappointments to see which soul can their sense of humour intact all the way until the final chapter of a lifetime before death then comes to take you back to the realm of spirits. Some people fail by age 19, others keep their light heart until death knocks on their front door.



    If you have good health and are able bodied, you have everything you need to find happiness.

    Go outside, appreciate the beauty of nature.

    Engage yourself in some work that you love.

    When you feel like a break, go laugh with your loved ones.

    Take nothing particularly seriously accept health.



    Age is no reliable measure of wisdom.

    Many 82 year olds possess a bitter heart.

    Old age either makes you:

    child-like in a good way = playful spirit

    child-like in a bad way = overtly manipulative



    To rush is to kill time and time is life. Rushing is the death of life.



    You interpret the world and then have to live dragging around the chains of your self-deception. Nobody deceives you more than you deceive yourself. Stop blaming others. Blame the habits of how you see the world.



    We all have the heart of a child.

    We are all children on the inside.

    Most of us, in day to day life act playfully in order to make life a little fun.

    Those people trying to act like adults are actually the silly little children among us.

    Fun is an inner child realizing that they are free to have fun.



    Seriousness comes from an adult taking themselves way too seriously.

    99.9% of life is frivolous. Only 0.1% warrants a serious manner.

    Adults trying to be adults, are not the adults.

    Adults trying to be like children, are the adults.

    And those young of body, the real kids, try to be nothing but themselves… kids.



    The trick to enjoying life is to forget everything you’ve been told about what consitutes a good life and live YOUR own way.



    The worst adults are the ones still stuck in the mentality of a teenager.

    The very best, the ones who have returned to the playfulness of earth youth.



    Life isn’t easy.

    But you can make it so much harder on yourself if you think it’s hard.

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