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    Help those who physically can’t help themselves.

    Help those who mentally can’t help themselves.

    With the rest of them, offer some help, just enough to enable the to help themselves thereafter. Otherwise your "help" will just be hurting them.



    You're not here to help people. They are here to help themselves... until they finally get over themselves. You'll find few souls in this world who have successfully gotten over themselves, maybe none at all. Graduation of life usually means immediate death. If you ever get over yourself, you'll more likely die then be granted the free reign to stick your nose into the battle being waged inside other people. In other words, tread lightly around the sovereignty of the individual.



    You’re not here to help other people. The only exception to this would be your children or those folks who are genuinely incapable of helping themselves. Become the best version of yourself that you can imagine. Let others watch you if it pleases them, however their time would be better spent transforming themselves. Why so many people relegate themselves to become a mere passive spectator to the transformation occurring in others is a mystery for the ages. If life is a game then the rules have nothing to do with the “other”. Contrary to what your upbringing tries to brainwash into believing... the game is played within.



    You can’t fix other people’s problems and they can’t fix yours.

    1. You have your life. They have their life. 
    2. Stop interfering in the lives of others. Stop others from interfering in yours. 

    Accept people with their flaws, or not at all, because most people will refuse to change until the hand of God is felt in their life.



    Your desire to be liked is a weakness, an embarrassing weakness. People who are in their late teens will point this out to you. Sometimes it seems like those who are now 40 years of age have long forgotten this truth, a symptom of living for too long in polite adult society where plain words are rarely ever poken.



    Nice is like an antonym of authenticity. Being nice is not an authentic way to live. It’s inherently pragmatic and manipulative. The Great Intelligence that pervades this universe blesses those brave enough to live with raw authenticity in their way of acting and thinking. Stop placating people and you may even help them to eventually help themselves.



    Nice isn’t really nice:

    “Please” nowadays is mostly used in a nasty or fake tone.
    “Thank you” is the same, or at other times just plain awkward.

    “Sorry” is rarely sincere, like 1 in a million.

    "Congratulations" is foully obligatory and insipid.

    “You’re welcome” is overly formal, a relic of bygone eras.

    "I beg your pardon" is too often used by people to indicate that they have taken offence.


    Avoid these tarnished terms. They died long ago and hover around our cultural interactions like linguistic apparitions. If you can’t think of modern fresh terms on the spot, be extremely careful of your tone using the old arsenal of social politeness, because the old blades are so blunt that they just make a mess of emotion you were trying to convey.



    Being called “nice” does not mean you are a nice person. They call you “nice” when they think your words or your behaviour feels safe to them... that you will not harm them. Being nice usually means an inherent process of lying to yourself. When they say "you're not being very nice" you momentarily feel bad however in your long term you'll slowly build an inner strength and belief in yourself by knowing in your heart that you act truly with the utmost authenticity.



    Modern schooling espouses the so-called virtue of "social acceptance" over the traditional value of intellectual competence. They train you to be a good talker to get out of problems instead of simply training you to be a good intellectual solver of problems. It's no harder to teach the science of logic than to teach oratory arts.



    There’s more to sapien life than impressing other sapiens.

    You have the capacity to wonder, to reflect.

    Look within... in search of a meaning that is greater than monkey love.



    People seem to act like Life is a competition won by speaking the most words. Socializing and momentary giggles are, for the most part, devoid of any significant spiritual meaning. Time to cut the chit chat and face yourself. Quit this frivolous avoidance of self-exploration. Obviously we all need some frivolity to relax, just don't allow it to consume every available hour of your week.



    The people who think they are crazy

    aren’t nearly as crazy as the ones

    who think they’re aren’t crazy at all.



    People shall call you 'obsessed' when all the glorious fervor that is emanating fromyour inner potency....

    makes them feel inadequate in comparison to their own limpness of spirit.



    Sometimes it feels like the entire outer world of people is an extravagant non-reality, in the sense that this world's inter-personal culture is one of bullshit stacked on top of previously established ideological bullshit. A place where everyone lies to each other in some ridiculous interconnected web of pretence. People have honed their linguistic skills to best serve a role in the avoidance of personal responsibility. Shirking of responsibility is so endemic as to become the Western culture’s prevailing art form. The vast majority are willing participants in this renunciation of individual accountability en masse. Most of human interaction, especially during commercial roles, is developing into a kind of mutual deception: without any soul daring to call the other out. The whole charade spirals society downward and will continue unabated for as long as people are collectively content to relegate the virtue of “objective merit” to sit out of the game altogether. Merit is benched. An appreciation of genuine merit is a ideal used by civilizations from the past to ensure progress and prevent any "lingering" in a sycophantic mode of patting each other on the back for trivial re-arrangements of the status quo.



    You can't really ask someone to love you more from the outside than you love yourself on the inside. That may be impossible.



    The only person who will love you more than you love yourself, other than your mother, is that rare person who hates themselves more than they hate you.



    If you are being ignored, immediately stop talking. Stay quiet until you find a soul who respects you enough to actively listen.



    Do you have the inner strength to be able to say: ‘You are right and I am wrong.” If you can’t even imagine ever saying that, you don’t deserve friends who also possess this degree of humility.



    If people don’t respect you, you’ll need to be willing to eventually walk away. There are no exceptions to this, it includes best friends, family members and your lover. If you experience any more than several instances of a person showing disgust towards you, then you walk. And when you walk away, never come back. Move on to a life where people show you at least an acceptable level of respect.



    If you reward people for mistreating you.... then you’ve been over-civilized.



    1. The tragedy of youth: socialized schooling.
    2. The tragedy of aging: big pharma.

    The former turns you into a chicken and the latter makes you a guinea pig.

    Dignity is something you have to give to yourself.



    Any school that demands compliance is a prison, not a school. The administrators need to be reminded that their primary role is to educate children, not enforce order for the sake of the teacher's peace of mind. Most schools seem to think their primary role is the means, rather than the end.



    The great error of democracy is the mistake of conflating popularity with truth. Popularity is neither true or right.



    Electing one individual to represent hundreds of thousands of people is far from ideal. It becomes sheer political madness when such a crude "representative" system continues during any age of humanity in which each person can submit a vote digitally in under one second and at a financial cost so low as to be considered negligible . The political class was made perfectly superfluous decades ago, yet still these childish souls linger around the houses of power looking to manoevre and manipulate in an attempt to satiate their repugnant lust for power over others.



    A man will become a man’s man when he stops competing with men beneath him and tries to help them up. He won't do this out of some prideful need to appear virtuous to your younger brethren, nor out of a need to be liked, but rather out of a simple respect for merits of masculinity itself. A man's man honours the virtue of manhood.



    The soft people are always trying to act tough.

    The people who are really tough are conscientiously trying to soften themselves in their general demeanour. The tough broadcast some softness, as a mode of self-healing, until you push them too far at which point they revert.



    If you are on your deathbed asking yourself “did people like me” then you’re the biggest loser in the world.

    May heaven cast your soul straight back into the body of an infant, let this cycle be perpetuated ad infinitum until you figure out how to be yourself, for your own sake.



    God help you from the nit-pickers.

    If they can’t read between the lines, there may be no saving their soul.



    ‘Nice’ is an ugly word.

    Maybe the ugliest of them all.


    You have a choice to be nice or real.


    ‘Real’ is a beautiful word.

    Maybe the most beautiful of them all.



    As a general rule, I don’t stay friends with people who ignore almost everything I have to say. Why would I keep wasting my words on those who have a history of disregarding my sincere intention to help.



    Better no friend at all than have 100 fake friends. For even if you have no friends, at least you'll have the peace to keep helping yourself.



    There’s no honour in virtue,

    There’s great honour in shunning any call to virtue.

    There’s honour in truth, no matter how devoid of virtue it's expression might seem to be.

    Truth serves all, a service rendered only when somebody is brave enough to be honest.



    The only genuine way to be compassionate is to reward others based on merit.

    Every other approach is simply your grandiose virtue-signalling running around the place (unintentionally) hurting people.



    I'm pointing to the spiritual truth that there's no spiritual progress without facing yourself. And as long as your putting all your attention on friends, family, lovers, children, the neighbours, your work colleagues… then basically you're avoiding that conversation with yourself that could allow you to move forward. I'm at war with idle “chit chat”. Chit chat is a waste of time. Face yourself, with the use of silence and solitude you can begin a deep conversation with your higher self and maybe even make it a three-way with God.



    As conscious beings we swim our lives in a sea of other’s people judgement of us. It’s gross. Only the very strongest among us are able to swim to the shore and take a few brief steps on dry land. Doesn’t seem like much, but it only take a few moments of clear thinking to see the best way forward.



    If people aren’t often calling you “eccentric” then it’s because you’re hiding your innermost truth from them. You are continually choosing to live in an untruthful manner in order to fulfil their expectations of you. You acquiesce because your innermost truth was never previously received well. The people who are boldly living a true life have already accepted that it will never actually be received well, and so they’re okay with the resistance coming from others. Let the dreary ol’ souls scoff, let them mock, and you’ll never let them take your soul. Mockery is a signpost that you’re heading in the direction of your real dreams.



    Is courtesy just an agreement to lie to each other?



    In order to make yourself proud, you’re always going to need to disappoint other people. It’s just how things work. People will rarely, if ever, want for you what you really want for you. Nature won’t lower the bar of this hurdle. You must overcome it under your own Will. You must choose yourself and in so doing clearly indicate to other people that they should do the same. We can all do what we want, if we get out of each other’s way. Honour’s people right to chase outcomes that sound crazy to you! It’s their life, let them meet with the consequences of their own making and in so doing, they can learn from it.



    “The truth is ugly” is something weak people say. The truth is beautiful in every possible way, it works, it always works and nothing else does. Lies help nobody. Lying is ugly, there’s nothing pretty about it. If people aren’t strong enough to handle the truth, that’s their problem, not yours…. don’t water a message down to save them from harsh realities. You can be perfectly polite in your tone and expression without weakening the core message. Let that message be of plain truth. When you dilute the truth: you hurt yourself and others. If you aren’t hearing a verbal response like “that’s not nice” from people in your social circle at least once a week, you’re obvously not speaking the pure unadulterated truth. You are protecting people from the truth, that exact kind of truth that could help them. You can choose to say, as delicately as possible, what you really do think. Be kind in your way of being honest. Dishonesty is NOT kind, no matter the subtlety of the approach. Say things softly, as long as you pointing directly to the direction of truth as you see it.



    Stop listening to the opinion of others which is usually uninformed. Start listening more to that feeling inside your heart that keeps popping up and is always alluding to your untapped potential.



    People assume that continuing to display some virtue in their inter-personal relationships will pave a golden path to their own spiritual salvation upon death, or at least some level of spiritual protection before death arrives. Imagine another system for just a moment, in which you don’t ever get awarded spiritual brownie points by helping others. Imagine you only get docked points for hurting people, yet never earning anything when you help them. In order to feed your spiritual bank balance with deposits, you actually need to go to all the trouble of helping yourself, not just by pretending to play out the role but by genuinely engaging in self-improvement with real-world results (that are immediately offered to you in reward during this current lifetime). Just imagine what level of perfection such an autonomous system would represent.



    “Talkers” are never going to change the world.

    They’re going to just keep on talking.

    “Doers” change the world.

    Shut yourself up for a few years and become a doer.

    You’ll never go back…. to wasting your life by running a verbal commentary on what other people do.



    Let your own demonstration of strength become the seed of strength in others.



    If you elect somebody else to represent you,

    they won’t represent you,

    because they are somebody else.


    Technology in the modern age allows individuals to instantly vote directly, even on a weekly basis, at neglible cost. And so the need for ‘representatives’ became redundant around 2 or 3 decades ago. People in positions of political power would have you believe that such technology doesn’t yet exist. How long do you think they can keep hoodwinking the populace?



    Definition of ‘normie’:

    Somebody who blindly accepts the advice of “experts”.



    I don’t trust people who have no regrets.

    They are lying to themselves.

    Lying to self automatically tends to extend into lying to others as well.



    Manhood could be defined as doing whatever it takes to become free of the affliction of others. Freedom means being able to make (nearly) all of your own decisions. Manhood is the call to self-reliance.



    If people don’t often call you “opinionated” that’s because you keep lying to them.


    Your choice to remain in the safety of conversational temperance is an ACT OF OMISSION. Find your backbone and tell them what you really think. Well, unless it’s your dentist, then say nothing much at all. That boy about to fuck you up with needles, drills and sharp implements whilst you remain perfectly conscious.



    Tell people (that you care about) your full unadulterated opinion. If they don’t like it, they’ll find somebody else to talk to with the kind of opinion they seek. The people who like you opinions will stick around to hear more of them. Everyone wins: you win real friends and they win the friends they like. When you lie, everyone loses: you have fake friends and your friends keep failing again and again because nobody is willing to be honest with them about the causes of their failure.



    Being “nice” to each other is a guaranteed path to hell on earth.

    Having the gumption to speak the truth is the fastest path to heaven on earth.

    Of course, the truth may hurt a little as it heals.

    Yet lying only temporally comforts without any benefit of real lasting healing.



    The highest quality objects are often stone cold to the touch.

    Think of marble, tempered glass, or aluminium when it becomes thickly durable.

    The highest quality people are much the same, they tend to come across very cold at first touch.

    Warm people are so warmly eager to please for a reason.

    The reason has nothing to do with serving you and everything to do with serving themselves.



    We say a child has become fully socialized once they’re adept at lying. Teaching children how to “get along” well with others is basically teaching them how to lie to others. Adults aren’t even half as pure as they think they are. Honesty is rudeness, kids are honest, until we convince them the best way to gain security in this life is by lying everywhere they go. Adults will twist their logical rationalizations in 100 different ways in order to justify their default mode of manipulation as some gleaming moral goodness.



    Everyone’s broken. Some people get angry when they’re broken. Others withdraw in order to engage in some self-reflection. But most become masters of avoidance, they avoid looking squarely into themselves. You should run away as fast as you can from the angry, disconnect from the self-avoiding types and befriend the folks who aren’t afraid to reflect on their shortcomings.



    The attainment of freedom requires that you shun all reliance on others.

    Freedom is self-sufficiency otherwise it may end up being short-lived.



    The person who too regularly uses the word bigot, is the bigot.

    The person who too regularly uses the word selfish, is selfish.

    And so it is with all words.

    the dominant word is a symbol of the person.

    So remember that your own symbol is your talisman.

    You may like to think that they can consciously choose your talisman.

    You can for a short while, then nature returns.



    A difference between a boy and man is that a man will do whatever it takes to be able to make all future decisions for himself. A man is trying to find a way to be free of the entangling Will of others.



    Parents seem to teach:

    If you respect others, you’ll find respect for yourself.


    Whereas the truth is:

    If you respect yourself, you’ll find respect for others.



    You can never give to others what you’re incapable of giving to yourself.

    It’s not yours to give away.



    Life is a game of self-love.

    If you can’t find any, you fail.

    You’ll fail in this world and also the next.

    So find a way to appreciate yourself

    then let that small emotion grow larger even if it's just a little bit at a time.



    Stop giving advice to people who ignore it.

    Just stop after their 2nd chance.

    Don’t give them a 3rd chance, at that point you’re just embarrassing yourself.



    “Being loved” is the pinnacle of emotional bums. Across the landscape of emotionality, receiving love is the lowest of peaks, try aiming for a much higher peak: like losing yourself in the love of the “other” especially if it is not sexual love, such as a love of Art or Nature. Love should not always be about your future sense of security, nor related to the tingling in your pants.



    To help another person...... makes you feel good about yourself.

    Now why didn’t you feel good enough about yourself in the first place?

    Why do you need a constant supply of externalized validation to keep yourself propped up?



    Instilling self-respect into a child is far more important than having them demonstrate respect for others. Why? Because only what you can give to yourself could you ever be able to extend to another as a gift.



    Sometimes I wonder if the only way to get into heaven is to accrue the requiste quota of “people who don’t like you”. Not enemies, just people who don't really like you. You could earn and be awarded a badge of courage that is called: NAKED AUTHENTICITY. Some proof that your spirit was unafraid to be itself. Only the honest may pass through the highest gate.



    Being nice to people primarily involves lying to people.


    You have a choice to be kind or right.

    Being kind means lying and holding back your real thoughts.

    Being right means being an honest person and caring enough to be willing to help the other person.


    You niceness helps nobody.

    Your honesty can help later down the track once the person has cooled off.


    If we all just be nice to each other, this rampant lying will cause our culture to never progress.


    Niceness is the path of least resistance, a path for the weak who don’t want to step on any toes or rock the damn boat.


    When trouble comes, only talk of raw honesty can help, niceness has no utility other than to stroke each others egos and award each other undeserved trophies.


    All niceness conceals a seed of manipulation , or at the very least "mutual delusion".



    If people don't like you,

    be yourself anyway

    Life all about being yourself

    Life isn't about keeping other people happy

    The point of life is enjoy spiritual freedom

    If people get in your way, find a way around



    Worry less for what adorns your skin and start caring more about the contents of your character.

    Concern yourself of what you are on the inside rather than how others perceive you on the outside.



    The most sickening men are the ones who wish to be well liked by other men.



    Folks who adore moderation perceive the truth-tellers to be reckless.

    Yet they can’t resist the temptation of your truth-telling serving as a kind of explicit invitation for them to tell some truth back to you.

    You see how easily your honesty can show others that they too can make a decision to speak honestly.

    That’s why all the great souls keep trying to convey a similar message: be the example to help the normies break out of the timidity of normiehood.



    Communication is for collaboration of colleagues.

    Trust is for running of business partnerships.

    Romance for enchantment of teenagers.

    Love is for the rearing of children.

    Respect is for life partners.

    Reverence is for Nature.



    A genius would gain more benefit from having talked to himself, than from having talked to some idiot who was passing by. This explains the choices of Tesla and Newton to shun the frivolity of social engagement. They knew their own potential for self-dialogue and didn’t want it squandered on every village idiot passing by.



    The older you get the more you realize that the crazies are actually the most sane people. They just look a bit messy. The people who come across perfectly sane at first are in fact making some really crazy choices to repress themselves.



    You try to be funny whenever you’re scared to be honest.

    Never trust those who can’t seem to stop themselves from joking around incessantly.



    The people who are able to be honest with themselves

    tend to be the same people who are willing to be honest with others.



    The people who use the word “shame” regularly

    are the people who are contemplating upon that emotion regularly.

    So watch the words that fall from the mouths of others and recognise what it says about them.



    There’s no meaning in life from being kind to others.

    You’re just fooling yourself with self-esteem based on contrived benevolence.

    There’s no meaning in life from being mean to others.


    There is meaning in life from being kind to yourself,

    and at the right times, being a little mean to yourself.


    What normally delays the meaning from the conversation with yourself is this:

    distracting yourself by trying to help other people on their own journey.

    Let others walk their path and overcome their own obstacles,

    intercede only when truly necessary and they explicitly request your assistance,

    focus primarily on your own long path that is calling you forward.



    What is a bigot? Somebody with a strongly held belief different to your own? Beliefs are just beliefs, they aren’t actions, people are entitled to have freedom of thought. What gives one soul the right to cast judgement on another’s thoughts, when they are both human souls….. neither are omniscient. They are both almost wholly ignorant. It’s all guess, conjecture, assertion. Furthermore, a large majority with shared opinion can be mob of fools facing a lone person standing in defiance of the foolishness. The fools will shout that brave soul down with labels of “bigot”. The crowd is so often the bigot, seldom ever the soul standing alone with their own unique perspective. We live in a age of bigots who run around the place calling everybody who is different to them a bigot.



    True bigotry is “group-thought”, that is, thinking in alignment with the dominant propaganda of the time. They call you a bigot…. to call upon you to conform and join them in their quest to dominate. There’s no honour is weak-willed compliance to the current trend. Honour is won with by demonstrating an obstinate streak rising from an uncompromising Will.



    People should have the right to say anything they like.

    And I should have the right not to listen.

    You’d have to a perfectly omniscient being to assume the moral right to censor.

    Human ignorance in our age is almost perfect.

    Progress toward an ‘all-knowing’ awareness has barely even begun.

    Humility is what’s required for us to take some steps in the right direction.

    To know when we don’t know, and act accordingly.

    Presumption will likely always be a step backward.

    Never presume to silence another unless your awareness is all-encompassing.



    A man with no enemies is obviously not being forthright in his dealings with others. He is concealing his own true thoughts out of a sense of pragmatism.



    The greatest minds of the past wrote books. You can absorb their best thoughts from the pages of the books just like these authors were actually still alive today. Alternatively you can choose to chat with the everyday dimwit from down the street. The choice is yours. If you choose to absorb the thoughts of a dimwit, your standards shall be lowered until you are a dimwit just like them. If you choose to absorb the thoughts of a genius, your standards shall rise higher until you find yourself slowly edging closer to your own highest expression of self. When you’re engaging in idle banter with the everyday idiot, remind yourself that you could instead be in intellectual discourse with Einstein or Emerson or Goethe or Lao Tze. Close your ears to the many mediocre minds around you and open your eyes to the pages of a book by a master. Read the greats and avoid the game being played all around you by all of those non-greats. The non-greats so fiendishly waste each others time with each passing observation of the obvious and the thrills of ephemeral pop culture.



    The philosopher shuns the crowd to reach a communion with their deepest self.

    There’s no answers to be found by listening to the incessant nattering of the common man on the street.

    Spirituality is finally looking for answers within,

    an embracing of your aloneness

    a search for the innermost truth

    a deliberate tuning-out of the obnoxious bustling world that surrounds

    to find some real meaning in one of the infinite non-physical realms.

    you are not revelling purely in wonders conjured by your imagination

    Those worlds are realer than the dirt under your feet





    Politicians are people that wanted their name in lights,

    but couldn’t realistically achieve it in any creative field.


    So instead they opt for the easier “worldly” path of talentless stardom.

    They say whatever is in vogue, get elected and enjoy the attention.


    Yet their heart is empty, for ultimately there was no beauty produced.

    It was all just pretty words leading to no pretty end.


    They’ll please and appease in order to feel valued by others,

    because they can’t value their own self when they barely even like themselves.


    They constantly avoid facing their broken self, by attempting to “serve” others,

    just to gain a little attention, no matter the form that this attention might take.


    Their heart is miserable: they only feel relevant based on public sentiment alone.

    Their spirit died long ago and now they present an alter-ego, a stream of smooth lies.


    They’ll never try to do the most,

    They’ll instead try to offend the least.


    they’ll never serve in earnest,

    only ever appear to serve.



    A good man respects masculinity enough to actively nurture the kernel of potential masculinity he sees hiding doormant in other men hearts.



    Women will only allow you to capture them…..

    once they realize they can’t easily capture you.

    They will only ever surrender to you,

    if you haven’t ever surrendered to them.

    Don’t ever expect them to surrender to a surrenderer.

    Don’t ever expect them to look up to somebody beneath them.

    Don’t ever expect them to worship you if you’re a sychophant worhshipping them.

    Make her chase, otherwise she’ll run away as you chase her.



    Women love to serve.

    When you serve them, you displace them.

    Men, provide for her, but never serve.
    Let her choose the exact kind of provider she wishes to serve.

    If she happens to choose you, be her loving master.

    She’s free to leave if she ever prefers to serve another.

    For you’re her chosen master, not her captor.

    You serve her best, by serving yourself and not her.

    She need the provisions you win by serving yourself.

    Serve her and soon be providing her with nothing!

    Then she’ll eventually be forced to leave you.

    So take your shot at life . . .

    she’ll support you so any shots you take have the best chance of landing.



    A “good” world doesn’t require you to summon all your internal stores of bravery… just to say what you really think.



    To win the favour of the gods, have the Will to speak some truth and in so doing lose favour with many feeble minds.



    Nobody is hated more than he who speaks the truth – Plato

    I want to gain entry into the type of “heaven” that requires a lifetime of truth telling as its admission ticket. Full of souls who were willing to be disliked. Be honest. Be real. Speak your true thoughts. Cleanse your soul of any desire to underhandedly manipulate others by lying to them.



    If you aren't permitted to question an answer, you're dealing with a religion. Science is just a fancy term for "doubt". To be scientific, is to doubt even the most obvious of evidence. Science is not just the simple collection of evidence, is the doubting of accumulated evidence to see what still stands after rigorous questioning.



    The 3rd most common cause of death is medical error. Never, ever forget this fact. People dearly want to help but rarely ever do.



    Growing ALWAYS means leaving some of the people in your life behind.

    There’s no merit or morality in refusing to grow in order to maintain previously established relationships.



    If you cared about a person enough, you’d tell them the truth.

    You placate all those you don’t care about.



    The purpose of science is to question all existing science.

    The only thing that can’t be questioned is religion.

    Religion is faith, people are free to believe what they believe.

    If you’re not allowed to question something, you are dealing with religious zealots



    Inviting your opposition to a heated debate is honourable.

    Taking away your opposition’s right to even speak… is a lack of all honour.

    If their idea is so bad, why would you fear it enough to censor them?



    Go where you are respected.

    Then stay only if you are appreciated.

    Stop acquiescing to all of the pleas from people who don’t even like you.

    If they don’t like you in your natural state….

    then they’ll definitely never like you for your artificial façade that you contrive in a lame attempt to win them over.



    The loudest are the most insecure.

    The quietest are those at partial peace with themselves.



    Self-criticism is a heavy enough load for you to carry for a lifetime.

    You don’t need criticism coming from the people who are meant to love you.

    You’re better off alone than with people who enjoy pointing out your flaws.



    Family members that criticize you frequently simply don’t love you.

    People that genuinely love you just want to see you happy.

    If the love is true, it will be well aware of your imperfections yet accepting of them.



    Spend your life around people with imperfections that you have compassion for.

    You get to choose. Forget the rest.

    For example, I can love a lazy soul but not a loud bossy soul.

    Cut people out of your life who have little compassion for your own imperfections.

    No soul in this world is perfect.



    Nobody in this world is perfect.

    This imperfection itself is perfect.

    Imagine a world full of perfect souls and how dull it would ultimately become.



    I’ve lived 47 years in a modern Western nation and have been paying taxes every year since my 15th birthday.


    From 12 years in a state school….

    only 1 year had a truly competent teacher.


    I needed the fire brigade one day in my whole life.

    I called but they didn’t come.


    I needed the police one day in my whole life.

    I called but they didn’t come.


    I needed the hospital one day in my whole life.

    I drove there, but they told me my difficulty to breath was nothing and to go home.


    I needed public education one year in my kid’s life.

    My hidden microphone found the teacher excluded my son from most activities.


    You’re “on your own” far more than you’d ever think. All these other people are simply acting for their hourly pay and don’t care that much. The socialized systems rarely incentive performance. What this means is that little has changed over the last 3000 years of recorded human history, your plight is still one of being pretty much alone in the forest, however now the forest looks like concrete. This concrete fools you into deluding yourself that “civilization” is there for you. The truth is that you are there for civilization, you pay much in civilization fees and get very little back.

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