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    There no “house of god” more holy than the beauty of Nature. Her grandeur knows no bounds.



    Nature is the only 'god' that can be studied OUTSIDE the realm of human imaginings.

    Maybe take a look at the principles and messages she writes, they are inscribed in your physical surroundings of the natural world.



    Understanding the way of nature can grant you success without delay.

    Understanding the way of nature can grant you happiness without end.


    There is no lasting success without nature’s blessing and no joy that lasts without her continued blessing.

    You work with her, or it won't work.



    • Mysticism is talking directly to the intelligence of nature.   Mostly listening.
    • Science is talking to ourselves about what nature might be. As a scientist we talk to ourselves like a crazy person.

    Note the poetic injustice in the fact that scientists are always calling the mystics crazy.



    There only one path more noble than a path of creativity. It is this: decoding how God itself wield’s its greater creativity. Being the most monstrous puzzle of all: it attracts minds undaunted by the almighty mental grit that the task demands. You can toil for decades to garner a solitary glimpse into the higher realms of spiritual intelligence.



    Nature is intelligent; the human mind only partially so. We are yet to discover any intelligence greater than the Natural world. Nature’s intelligence is enough to teach us for thousands of years into the future. Human nature is only one part of Nature, yet humans like to believe that human awareness is the very pinnacle of intelligence. It's palpably obvious that there's greater system at play, it surrounds you, you are embroiled in it for every waking moment of your existence.



    Nature does not belong to you.

    You belong to nature.

    Nature is not a part of your world.

    You are a part of her world.

    You cannot lie to Nature, nor force her. You are her child.



    Mastered by mind, you like to pretend nature is your child to play with.

    Mastered the mind, you are guided by nature as your Mother.



    Equality makes people feel good about themselves. It's a teddy bear for humanity. A comforter. It's a very pretty ideology that Nature-at-large seems to abhor. Be one that is strong enough to realize that there are others stronger again. Let the stronger show you the way to increase your strength. Be realistic in the face of forces greater than yourself.



    Nature makes individuals.
    Individuals make groups.
    That is to say: Individuals are nature's way, groups are artificial constructs.



    Nature likes to work in certain ways. Why stray from nature’s ways and summon trouble? You are working within a natural system. Respect the ways of the system.



    Here’s the most amazing fact in the world: nobody has even the first clue why we are here. We find ourselves here in this physical place, yet we have absolutely no idea why. We keep living our lives without even the slightest comprehension as to the reason for our existence. All other facts are secondary to this fact. It would seem the only clues to the puzzle of all puzzles will be found in the study of Nature since it is the environment that encapsulates our experience of material existence and has for all of recorded human history.



    Math is purely a mental construct of humans, so how can it have any bearing on the physical world of Nature? The fact that math strongly correlates to Nature, demonstrates that Math is one of Nature’s more prevailing languages, maybe even THE language of nature. To decode the mystery of life we must first learn Nature’s tongue and she likes to speak in NUMBER.



    You are biased over 99% of the time and objective less than 1% by conscious effort. No objectivity is perfect or absolute, just relatively objective.



    Most of what a man thinks,

    most of what a man does,

    most of what a man feels,

    is based on false assumption.

    Pure truth can only be perceived upon a total relinquishing of the many falsehoods of cultural indoctrination.

    Achieving such an untainted mystical state may be impossible.



    The first principle of “first principles thinking” is the presumption that all conclusions are presumptions. Objective truth is the domain of the Gods, humans are beset in a maze of unconscious biases.



    My only prayer is a heart-felt reverence for the beauty of nature:

    • the wind
    • the colors on a butterfly
    • the rain
    • the smell of the forest
    • stars
    • a mother’s embrace of her child



    Nature is not only great in size, she is great in intelligence.

    This makes her a full size being, and relegates humans as creatures with the stature of ants.

    Very cocky little ants. Humans think this is their world.

    This is nature’s world of which you are a very tiny part.

    Human beings are not the supreme intelligence on this planet.

    There is a far greater system that is definitely ALIVE with her own tendencies and Will.



    Culture and it's many established traditions form a web of falsehoods.


    The sooner you realize that everything “they” tell you is a lie.

    The sooner you will stop relying on other people to do the thinking for you.

    The sooner you will think for yourself.

    The sooner you will succeed in every area: health, money, love.


    Believe those conclusion drawn from your own conversation with Nature.



    It’s almost ALL a con. So much of modern culture is a con job that it’s far easier to simply list the exceptions. Nature other than human nature is genuine. Take your solace in Nature, place your faith in her many self-evident truths. Believe what you see of Nature with your own eye, with your own sense of appreciation. Humans are way too complicated for their own good, making them blind to the simple ways that are in operation in Nature around them.



    Most humans walk around talking like they are the keepers of the earth, when in truth the earth keeps them. Their food rises from the earth beneath them, rain falls onto that earth from above them. The earth created us, we do not create it. We try to modify it slightly and forget that we have this liberty of modification only since it continues to sustain us. She is the parent, you are her child.



    The meaning of life is to CREATE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. Whenever you don’t feel like creating, seize every possible moment to breathe in the beauty of nature around you. Sometimes the surest way to get in touch with the beauty inside of you is to open into a deeper appreciation of the beauty outside of you. Be inspired until you feel like inspiring.



    Everyone is a student of nature, whether they like it or not. God insists. The punishment for being a really poor student is Death. You poke the bear, you get the claws. Learn the first time. Fall off a cliff… you’ll find there’s no mercy for you at the bottom. Nature demands respect and affords nobody a luxury of abandoning their own sense of self-responsibility. You won’t taunt Nature for long and live into old age to tell the tale of your superiority. You beat nature only with your humility, not your arrogance.



    Nature shows no mercy.

    Nature demands respect.

    The truer name would be ‘Father Nature’.



    The reason why they don’t try to lie to you about why we’re all here on this planet in the first place, is that nobody can even conceive of a reason that sounds remotely credible. Human logic is way too crude to explain our presence here in the physical world, all answers are laughable.



    The woke folk are neo-puritans. They’re afraid of words. Just like children, they are terrified of people using certain expressions. Specific ideas are then banned altogether. What kind of adult is so fretful that they would fear an “idea” so much that they try to completely suppress its utterance? It’s like a fantasy land of children where you make the rules as you go along and then show pronounced animation in your offense whenever pre-established rules were subsequently contravened. Whenever a culture extends into such decadence as to assert that a mere ‘notion' - a pure abstraction of the intellect - is categorically forbidden from society, it’s a clear sign that the people within that culture haven’t been physically attacked for a long time. The expression of an idea, no matter perverse, is still not an action. To punish those who are yet to act, is evil.



    As a spider you may control the web that you have spun but you do not control the world in which you’ve spun it. Another greater spider is at play, you can call that God if you wish to, I prefer the term Nature.



    A wise monkey comes to realize that his fellow monkeys offer no answers.

    Only the natural environment is in possession of some real secrets,

    usually in the form of simple principles of operation.

    Simple as they may be, these principles show you WHAT WORKS.



    Out of all the things that humans have been able to create, I think MONEY is our one masterpiece that best reflects Nature. Money is only ugly to those that don’t understand it. Money stimulates competition, competition guarantees progress. Money is an intelligent network just like Nature as a whole.



    The average monkey spends most of their life figuring out how to handle other monkeys. They grapple with the optimal way of ‘social navigation’, a knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.


    The superior monkey spends most of their life figuring out how to handle the environment, in a blatant disregard for all their fellow monkey’s frolicking around them. They grapple with a way of ’science and philosophy’, an understanding of why things work they way they do.



    Surrender into the beauty of nature,

    wherever you see it,

    let her hold you in comfort

    until you’re finally willing to surrender to your truest self

    then vow never to go back to living somebody else’s truth

    make this as the most solemn promise to self,

    you’re going to live the rest of your life authentically,

    come what may



    If God wanted communities to take precedent over the individual,

    then women would give birth to communities.



    Sex is natural:

    marriage is some made-up bullshit of man.


    Learning is natural:

    education is some made-up bullshit of man.


    Freedom is natural:

    debt is some made-up bullshit of man.


    Ease is natural:

    time is some made-up bulllshit of man.


    Man is not the answer, nature is.

    That is true for as long as Man keeps rejecting the pull of his own nature.



    Humanity is the only part of nature that fools itself out of the peace of its own nature.



    Human affairs as a whole are a small affair to Nature,

    yet those affairs all seem so great while you amidst the bustling society of human culture.



    Respect nature.

    Disrespect people.

    People are all young.




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