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    Any knowledgeable person reminds me of screeching parrot.

    They collect simple bits of data and keep telling everyone about it.

    Knowledge is just base memorization and is devoid of any real labor of thinking.

    A knowledgeable mind may become 'smart' but never gain entry to the club of 'intelligence'.



    Wit is the ugliest way to wield your intelligence,

    it signifies the lowest hanging fruit on the intellectual tree.



    Intelligence is about zooming out. Its about understanding what all these little bits of knowledge actually mean TOGETHER wholistically. It is the process of intellectual conciliation, detecting a connecting thread running through what would initially on close inspection to be disparate parts. Intelligence therefore is not about close inspection, quite on the contrary, it's about standing back and making sense of the parts as a greater whole.



    Intelligence is a way of seeing things from more than one perspective. The more perspectives that you can simultaneously appreciate, the more intelligent you are. The value of seeing that same thing from multiple perspectives is gathering a understanding of what is wholly irrelevant to your intended use of the object.



    Knowledge can be very wide but its so shallow that it doesn't really have much utility.

    Understanding goes deep and that depth offers immense utility.



    Intelligent people have a huge advantage over others.

    Because intelligence is an antidote to distraction: you can easily recognize what is meaningless.



    After knowledge has been used to forge understanding, you can let it go. Carrying around a large convoluted bag of knowledge is an embarrassment. The fact that so many people are guilty of dragging around major intellectual baggage and yet are also smugly proud of it, confirms that they are dearly lacking in intelligence. They remind me of those folks who take some pitiful pleasure in accumulating a fanatical collection of rocks, stamps or coins, except in this case it is a non-physical collection.



    Knowledge is crystalized from a process of memorization.

    Understanding is crystalized from a process of observation.

    Philosophy is crystalized from a process of contemplation.


    Befriend those who are more interested in observing than simply memorizing.

    And then maintain the friendship if that person also shows a tendency to contemplate what they’re observed.



    Your eternal soul has access only to accrued intelligence, upon death all the countless strands of knowledge will be erased as you ascend into finer levels of life.



    While the fool is trying to “grow up”
    the sage is trying to “grow down”.

    Knowledge is like a treadmill, you may feel like you're walking briskly but you're not going anywhere. The intelligent are looking for more than knowledge, they prefer understanding which demands a rigorous process of throwing out all the superfluous knowledge. The reward for this kind of intellectual rigor, is the lightening of the load on yourself and a newfound ability to readily exact results in the real world.



    Knowledge is random access memory.

    Shrewdness the memory bus speed.

    Intelligence is the solid state drive.

    Spirit the user of this computer.

    God is the network.



    Every job will be difficult until you find the right tool.

    'Easy' is using the right tool.



    It's so easy to get lost in the maze. You need to keep reminding yourself of the original intention which inspired you to enter the maze in the first place.



    Most people spend an inordinate amount of their time building something that will ultimately award them a paltry prize. Build something worth building. Identify a prize that stirs your spirit so much that you can't help but take immediate action. Swiftness of action shows that the many insecurities of your mind were easily overcome by spirit alone.



    If you wish to take your intelligence to a higher level, spend some time alone, grant yourself some time for your consciousness to reflect on all that it has accrued in its intellectual data bank. Contemplation doesn't necessitate a captain, no rigor of consciousness is called for. Given enough time and mental space, your intelligence will automatically sort through that haphazard pile of intellectual complexity that is piled up in every corner of your mind. The prescription for obesity of the mind is simple: many cups of time but only if that time is drunk alone.



    As the magnitude of your intelligence grows, you will tend to become more anti-social.

    You’ll prefer your own company over that of others. In other words, you come to see that most people are mindless morons.

    Tesla didn't spend his spare hours talking shit at the bar.

    Newton didn't walk around the university grounds looking to "hang out" with others.

    Einstein was more interested in taking a long bubble bath to contemplate, rather than take visitors who were arriving at his front door.

    These great souls were not in love with their own mind, they were being allured by something hiding beyond their own mind.



    Schooling is designed to make you 1) dumb and 2) compliant. That way you are just useful enough to the culture at large, but not useful to yourself. School is a tool to make you into a tool. To free yourself from being used by greater institutions, become a student of philosophy, think only about how to think. The very first formal school on this planet was a philosophical school, it shall always be the only true kind of school. All other schools are trying to tell you what to think and not how to think.



    Sometimes I wonder if intelligence can be reliably measured by counting how many intellectual disagreements an individual has with the tenets of their own culture.



    “I thought I was smart… and then I died”


    “I thought I was dumb…. and then I died”.


    The difference was intellectual humility.
    The similarity was mortality.
    One man lied to himself before he died, the other didn’t.



    DUMB people know that they are dumb.
    SMART people DON’T know that they are dumb.
    INTELLIGENT people know that they are dumb.


    Everyone’s dumb, it just that one segment of society,
    those deep in the toil of their own intellectual development,
    are so blinded that don’t realize just how dumb they still are.
    Later on they’ll realize that for every question they answer,
    there’s a thousand other questions remaining unanswered.



    The cynical person is usually right, the optimist only occasionally so. Intelligent people tend to be a little dark, while idiots are about as bright as the sun in their general demeanour. There’s something worse than being a desert of pure sunniness and that’s holding pride in your own optimism, now that’s a tell-tale sign that you’re an idiot.



    When you can easily resist the strong pull of consensus of all of those around you, then you’ve proven to yourself that your mind is finally yours.




    Best to say nothing,

    no matter how perfect the words you’ve formed in your head seem to be,

    than to announce to everyone your naivety for no real pressing reason.



    Best say something,

    no matter how imperfect the words you’ve in your head seem to be,

    if you know in your heart that you’re likely to be the person in the room with the least youthful affliction of naivety.



    Immature intellect: “x is better than y”

    Complex intellect: “here’s why y can be better than x”

    Mature intellect: “x is better than y”


    That is to say, smartness is a period of madness in which your own smugness of intellect obscures all simple truth.



    Most people feel like a fraud most of the time.

    Some people are just better at hiding it than others.

    Don’t buy the pretence, they’re all imposters.

    Do your own thinking.

    Because the experts aren’t as expert as they seem.



    I’d prefer an assistant who is dumb and knows they are dumb, than an assistant who demonstrates a default manner of acting “shrewdly”. Shrewd operators are a danger to themselves and others. Shrewdness tends to turn a blind eye to ethics. Shrewd characters can be highly effective if you’re willing to sacrifice all manner of process for the sake of an end. Shrewd minds are far too pragmatic and usually lack an ability to appreciate the “bigger picture”. Shrewdness can lead you down a path that can then take years to undo.



    Have you ever noticed that it’s the dumbest people who talk to the most?

    The proclivity to engage in idle banter is inversely proportional to a person’s level of intellectual sophistication.



    There’s 2 types of people in this world:

    • those who approach new research with a closed mind
    • those who approach new research with an open mind


    Wisdom is the opening of the mind to the presence of vast realms of empty space permeating our embarrassingly thin existing framework of understanding



    Judgement is a simple comparison of the present to what you’ve known in the past.

    Real thinking is considering at least 2 different ideas in your head at the same time, you watch in your mind as they battle it out.


    Now the great thinkers can even see 5 competing ideas go to war inside their mind until a winner emerges from this confrontation on the mental battlefield. Thinking is a competition of opposing intellectual forces where supremacy is eventually forged by merit alone. That makes thinking hard: when compared to the ease found in lazy ol' judgement.



    Wit is the chief tool employed by people who aren’t patient enough to untangle any wisdom of their own.



    The people who can’t readily access their own personal store of intelligence are relegated to the habit of trying to be witty with the bits of knowledge hanging around in their head.

    They take bits of memory and re-arrange them.



    If people say “you’re so witty”, realise that means you’re one step above dumb. There are many intellectual levels above wit.



    Find a lover worth all the trouble.

    Find a project worth all the trouble.

    Find a car worth all the trouble.

    Find a holiday destination worth all the trouble.

    Find a ‘X’ worth all the trouble.

    There should be evidence of ample benefit before you volenteer any personal responsibility.



    Intelligent minds are never impressed by a person's display of "smartness" if it lacks the rudder of intelligence. Without a rudder,that ship is just danger to all aboard, or anyone near.



    Intelligence is width of perspective, it’s like an underground cavern, the deeper you go into the cavern of intelligence, the wider your understanding and the further you can see down to where you still need to travel.



    Intelligent people can use their intelligence to explain a "complex" mechanism to others with the most perfectly simple metaphor.



    Wit wins some giggles.

    Intelligence wins everything.



    To the dull mind the simplest ideas seem so dull.

    To the bright mind the simplest ideas seem so bright.

    And that's why the idiot's complaint is always that the wiseman is stating the obvious.



    As Einstein said “You will never fail until you stop trying.”

    But sometimes you fail because you’re still trying year after year to train a lame duck to dance.

    Find an able-bodied duck before you decide to “never give up”.

    Never let your conviction be blind to the perspective of intelligence.

    Intelligence must lead conviction or conviction can run off into some useless direction.



    To make big money, you need to risk big money.

    To risk big money, you need to understand every aspect of that risk.

    In other words, you won’t ever find the courage if you don’t first have the understanding.



    The energy of youth vs the intelligence of maturity.

    It’s can be close contest, but intelligence always wins any battle.

    Intelligence is the most ideal of all the ideals.

    That’s why I like to call god The Highest Intelligence.



    A robot is incredibly fast whilst at the same time being incredibly dumb.

    To prevent the dumbness, you have to explicitly tell it every single little thing it should do…. for every possible conceivable circumstance. It’s not easy, but it is worth it. AI is our attempt to make the computer think for itself.

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