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    Money is the teacher, you are the student.

    Are you listening?

    Money is a broad being, like a fundamental principle of life, you are narrow as an individual homo sapien being, you need to listen to it and Money doesn’t ever feel a need to listen to you. It's a one way street, it talks, you listen.



    9 out of 10 businesses will fail.

    Modern entrepreneurs don't just start 1 business at a time, they rapidly test 10 one after the other and keep only the one that worked.

    Don’t be a scared little mouse, fail faster.



    The secret to success in running your own business? It’s constantly reminding yourself that nobody gives a shit. They don’t give a shit about your product or business. Ask yourself: why should they care? You'll need a very good reason and then be able to express it incredibly clearly, not just once but again and again until the prospects finally care enough to act. You’ll quickly learn that reasons alone aren’t potent enough to pull humans over the line, it's emotion that holds more sway.



    Marketing is all about building credibility. The modern human being is incredibly jaded and has grown so weary of marketing ploys that they are instinctively extremely cynical: this is a natural outcome being completely enveloped in a world brimming with over-aggressive marketing. Concentrate on stacking trust with the consumer before you stick your hand out asking for their money.



    The critical aspect of any business is the robustness of its monopoly. Capitalism is a competition to naturally sort the weak from the strong. Your eggs will be taken one by one until you find a way to keep the snakes out of your hen house.



    Most people you know will never become truly self-conscious. This makes them a monkey, a dumb-arse. The can only really focus their attention on ascending a social hierarchy that is overloaded with even dumber arses. The view from the top of the tree house isn't worth the politics. Re-incarnate yourself as a lone wolf and stop monkeying around.



    If people worked with vigor during all those wasted minutes each week they normally spend chatting and seeking the “likes” of others, they would be achieving enormous steps toward their goals.



    1700s: the century that people used the LAND to make coins

    1800s: the century that people used PEOPLE to make coins

    1900s: the century that people used CODE to make coins

    2000s: then century that people used REALITY to make coins



    By the year 2200 there will be only 4 professions remaining:

    1. research scientist
    2. engineer
    3. artist
    4. investor / entrepreneur

    All require a capacity to navigate some paradigms of intellectual complexity. Computers may be incredibly fast but they are hopelessly dumb. The majority of humans are just as hopelessly dumb, so they’ll be adequately replaced by the computers because the computers are far cheaper to run.



    Running a business is most fundamentally about

    1. How much (per sale)
    2. how many times (repeat sales)
    3. to how many (total customers)



    Force is a refuge sort by ineloquent. There's two ways to motivate people:

    • incentive
    • competition

    Foster both, sometimes one is not enough.



    You won’t be able to motivate other people for long. After a few days they will need to motivate themselves. Find self-motivated people to work with or work alone.



    Don’t just make more money. Make more profit.

    • Anyone can make $100,000 and spend $100,000 to do it. 
    • Anyone can make a $1,000,000 if they can spend $1,000,000 to do it. 

    Rich people don’t make money, they make profit. Forget about vanity metrics such as counting the number of employees,or counting the amount of dollars in revenue. There should be pride derived in the LEAST amount of employees and the LEAST amount of revenue to garner a large profit.



    Taking on large debt to buy personal items is signing your name onto the very slave master’s whip to give your permission to whip you for years.



    Only an idiot favors cosmetics over utility.



    You’ll never really own a house because you can never truly own the land it sits on. All you can ever do is essentially ‘rent’ a property from government, meaning for the rent to be worth it: at the end of the month you need to see a net cash flow positive profit. The monthly profit needs to be large enough to justify all the ridiculous paperwork and organization involved in yielding the profit. Only multi-door properties seem consistent remain lucratively cash-flow positive enough to slow accumulate great wealth for the asset holder.



    Ultimately once you've accrued enough capital, you want to own a small piece of businesses. When you own just a piece of a business, nobody will expect you to do anything, freeing you up to then find other businesses to buy a piece of. Owning 100% of a company normally means you have to personally carry out 100% of the work to manage the business until its making so much money that it can finally afford an employee paid in full to serve as a manager.. It’s preferable to own 5% of twenty good businesses, rather than 100% of one. It has to an astonishingly GREAT business to warrant 100% ownership and thus 100% legal and managerial responsibility.



    I’d prefer to have 1 true follower that buys from me,

    than a million followers that don’t buy a damn thing.


    If you try to “count” value, you’re deluding yourself until you eventually acknowledge how important it is to weigh each count.

    A thousand feathers does not outweigh one elephant.

    Most people try to convince themselves that each count is the same, is equal.



    If your focus is on winning ‘likes’ then you’re wasting all that time that could be using to win dollars. The vast number of ‘llkes’ you accumulate are not easily convertible to dollars.



    $1 earned digitally beats 100,000 digital “likes”. If you want to be liked that desperately, consider enrolling back in school and in that environment you’ll find plenty of minds ready to compete on that level.



    School teaches compliance. As an adult, the trait of compliance will ensure that you will fail over and over again. The real world lavishly rewards leaders, the followers only get what’s left over which ain’t much at all.




    • Your parents want you to comply.
    • Then the school wants you to comply.
    • Then your employer wants you to comply.
    • Ultimately your government wants you to comply.

    When will you be entitled to just “be” ?

    When will your beingness be permitted to be independent of the expectations of others?


    Usually this occurs shortly after you finish paying all your career taxes and are then no longer physically able to yield taxation to your overlords. You are awarded some freedom just before you die, when you no longer have the energy remaining to express your inner uniqueness. Following the system’s pathetic little script for you is the saddest tale possible. It should be no surprise that ‘their’ system is perfectly designed to keep you enslaved until your body is physically wasted. There’s no honor in perpetual enslavement during your productive years. Die honorably free or fighting to be so.



    A man becomes tough when he becomes numb to the daily grind of his hardship. The numbness spreads across the various areas of his life like a tough skin. His walk is slower, he emanates an equanimity, his action more deliberate, his undertaking of undesirable tasks will be far more immediate like it’s a nuisance rather than any source of real concern.



    Retirement means doing anything you want, when you want. Reaching retirement in your old age means you progressed so slowly that your quest for money-making failed. Work on something with the potential to realistically retire you with within 5 years… not 5 decades!



    Face to face businesses are a model lingering from the “pre-electricity” age. They are the perfect business to own in an extended blackout, that’s about it. If the electricity is running, you want a digital business and sell to everyone in your country, not just consumers in your local area. If your product or service can be offered to everyone in the world, even better. Leave the pre-electrical style businesses that offer no "scale" whatsoever to the old-timers.



    Conventional wisdom says that 90% of people quit too soon.

    The truth is that 90% of people hang on for too long.

    Listen to the market. What feedback you’re getting from the market?

    It’s about about having enough intelligence to recognise failure fast enough to not waste your time flogging a dead horse.

    Opportunity cost is the unseen cost that entrepreneurs are cognizant of as each month passes.



    Don’t bother collecting stamps or coins or action figures, instead collect high quality businesses with intellectual property that can’t easily be usurped. If the business can set the price of their product or service independently of pressure from competitors, even better. The amount you own of each company doesn’t really matter, what matters is the habit of collecting and repeatedly trading to supercede what you currently hold for something better. Think of it like baseball cards, keep trading up.



    People act like the government has limited ownership of a business to one per person. You can have 7, you can have 12, you can have 16. In order for this to be possible, you’ll need to learn to prevent a business operation from trapping your time into it’s day to day grind. Preserving your time should be a pre-requisite before you make an offer on a business asset.



    People say that actions speak louder than words.

    I say that money speaks louder than words.

    No matter which way you look at it, words are cheap.



    Your business doesn’t need to be perfectly executed, all it needs to do is help people to make money or help them to save money.



    There’s the tool you enjoy using.

    Then there’s the tool that gets big results easily.

    Big results are fun.

    Fun means you’ll keep going.

    When you keep going is means you’re destined to eventually meet with great success.

    Fun in the process itself is never enough, you’ll grow weary unless there’s some serious fun in the ultimate effect that the process was able to bring about.



    Most people spend their entire lives TALKING,

    rather than actually doing what they keep talking about.

    Stop blithering about your intentions and start building.



    You can spend your time LEARNING something you’ll soon forget,

    or spend your time BUILDING something you’ll never forget.

    Refuse all other courses, practical experiment is the best form of research.



    Normies are worried about losing their job.

    Interesting people are worried about ever needing to get a job.

    Normies please others.

    Interesting people please themselves.



    Making more is like pushing uphill.

    Spending less is like pushing downhill.

    Making more may drain all of your efforts for just a tiny difference.

    Do the easy one first, cut frivolous spending ruthlessly and enjoy an immediate and significant reward of discipline.

    Leave optimism for whenever discipline has completely run out of scope.



    I respect the man who remains undeterred by odds of almost certain failure, who enters the arena with a spring in his step, even though he knows well that his arse is certainly about to be kicked. He enters in the hope that he’ll win another glimmer of insight about how to do the kicking. His opponents, hardened by the long experience of battle, know that it won’t be long before he’ll start kicking back and so immediately grant this new entrant the respect of a Player. They are a player now, no longer a spectator who was previously content to look on, one of many spectators that risk nothing, gain nothing, yet make all the noise in the world. Veteran players are willing to sincerely respect anyone who walks onto that field showing a clear willingness to fail enough in order to learn.



    The real victory is learning, not a trophy.

    The real victory is improvement, not accolades.

    The real victory is won over your lesser self, not over others.

    The real victory is the thrill of mastery, not the fickleness of fame.



    Caring about professional sports is no different to caring about the pretend world of computer gaming.

    You want to know what is a real win?

    It's when you build something and somebody else is happy to send you an amount of money so that they may make use of it too.



    A dude with an MBA is someone who chose to read some textbooks instead of directly starting a small business. Getting your arse handed to you in business will teach you about 1000 times more than a long shelf of books.



    Success relies on you being honest with yourself.

    Failure relies on you continually lying to yourself.

    Opponents won’t ever fool you even half as much as you fool yourself.



    Computers are as dumb as a fence-post but so fast that you can barely conceive their radical efficiency. If you tell computer explicitly what you wish it to do, it can do 100 different things in the blink of an eye. Utilizing this miracle of unbridled speed rests on the condition that you are painstakingly explicit with the written instructions.



    If you aren’t consciously aware of your own list of shortcomings,

    your dreams will always struggle to become materialized.



    Success with money comes to those who:

    1. think they’re intelligent
    2. happy to fail over and over without questioning that they’re still intelligent
    3. have realized that a hobby is usually a difficult field in which to make money


    So you back your own intelligence to figure out a way to stop failing. You realize that it’s okay to be bad a something (that can deliver super fat profits) until you gradually can apply your intelligence into that subject to figure it out. Now think about what school teaches you:

    1. you’re not really smart enough and nobody is really that much smarter than anybody else
    2. failure is terrible
    3. pursue only what you’re good at


    Pursue where the money is at! Go directly to the treasure chest that allows you to stop being told what to do by others.


    Where’s the money at? Exciting new fields, emerging sectors rising in some distant corner of the economy. And once you have won enough capital, leverage it to make supersized gains in the financial markets.



    Investing is about ‘what’ and ‘when’. If you have enough capital, you don’t need to worry about the second part, ‘when’. Just buy the ‘what’ and keep holding. Poor people can’t have sizeable capital wrapped up into something that’s going sideways for long. Rich people can, and once it finally does what they want it to do, they sell for a large profit. Existing stores of wealth is a game-changing advantage.



    A highly successfully person is happy to be wrong 99% of the time,

    as long as the 1% pays handsomely.


    Broke people need to be right 99% of the time.



    Try a lot different business ideas….

    until you find one that works organically.




    You don’t ‘make’ a business work.

    You ‘discover’ one that works.



    We are entering the ERA OF INCOMPETENCE.

    I prefer to call it the ERA OF GREAT INCOMPETENCE.



    Corporations want to milk you for every last dollar than can get out of you.

    Government want to milk you for every last dollar than can get out of you.

    Business partners want to milk you for every last dollar than can get out of you.


    Stay well away from people. To keep something for yourself, keep the amount of other people involved to an aboslute minimum. Everyone is trying to extract something from you. They are not hovering around you out of the benevolence of their heart. The lone wolf will neither be betrayed or enslaved into serving the interests of others. Freedom is self-reliance.




    Use the money that you generate to buy more generators.

    Pick investment generators that offer the greatest certainty of generating,

    rather than the purely the greatest expectant volume of generation.



    Making money is easy if you have:

    1. a large store of capital
    2. the ability to decipher the next big trend for civilization



    Success is owning a 100% of your own time.

    Never take any business advice from those who own less than 100% of their time.




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